September 25, 2022
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FGTS 2022: Find out when benefits are withdrawn

Workers who perform their activities officially have the right to FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund). The employer must open an account in the employee’s name to make a monthly deposit equal to 8% of the employee’s pay.

However, even with the monthly deposit, the worker can only withdraw benefit In specific cases provided for by law. Check out the odds of withdrawing this year.

Who can receive FGTS?

To access the Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS), the worker must fit the following cases:

  • Workers hired under the Standardization of Labor Laws Act (CLT);
  • local workers;
  • rural workers;
  • temporary workers (they are appointed for a specific period of time to provide services);
  • Intermittent workers (they are hired without a working day or with a fixed salary, and earn for working hours);
  • Freelance workers (who are hired by a union and do not have an employment relationship, but provide services to several companies);
  • Safreiros (rural workers who work only during the harvest period)
  • professional athletes.

Non-employing directors may also be included in this list, provided that is the decision of the employing company.

Situations that allow the withdrawal of FGTS

  • dismissal without just cause;
  • termination by agreement;
  • Termination of the contract for a specified period;
  • termination of the company;
  • Termination due to mutual fault or force majeure;
  • the retirement
  • personal, urgent and serious need;
  • – temporary suspension of work;
  • The death of the worker.
  • Age over 70 years old
  • serious illness, such as HIV, cancer, or a chronic condition, of the carrier or their dependents;
  • The account has been inactive for three consecutive years;
  • purchase of a private house, amortization or liquidation of a real estate consortium system;
  • Christmas withdrawalIt is a method that allows annual withdrawals from accounts.

How to withdraw FGTS?

The worker can replace FGTS At lottery houses or self-service stations with the help of a citizen card and password. In addition to these means, it is also possible to perform the corresponding withdrawals using the tool. box hereSubmit an identity document.

How is the withdrawal of benefits calculated through the application?

Workers Eligible for a Severance Compensation Fund (FGTS) and join the Christmas loot method, they can calculate how much they will get from the feature this year. The option allows annual redemption of a portion of the balance available in the owner’s fund accounts in the month of his birthday.

The beneficiary who is entitled to withdraw can make the calculation in the “Simulator” tab of the application FGTSAvailable for Android and iPhone (iOS). The procedure is carried out based on the total balance of the worker’s account.

Christmas withdrawal account by cell phone

  1. Access the FGTS application and click “Enter Application”;
  2. Then press “CPF” and enter your document number;
  3. Once done, tap on “I am not a robot”;
  4. Then enter your password and click “Login” to access the application;
  5. From the main screen of the FGTS app, tap ‘Anniversary Withdrawal FGTS“;
  6. Next, in “memorial loot mode”;
  7. Finally, tap on Simulate Annual Withdrawal Amount.

The application will give the expected calculation of the withdrawal on your next birthday.

FGTS birthday withdrawal account

The value of the birthday loot According to the amount available in the worker’s guarantee fund. In this way, the supplier can receive an additional premium depending on the percentage specified in the income bracket. See the table:

Balance ranges in BRL Withdrawal rate extra premium
Up to 500.00 BRL 50% _
From R$500.01 to R$1,000.00 40% 50 Brazilian Real
From 1,000.01 BRL to 5,000.00 BRL 30% 150 Brazilian Real
From 5000.01 BRL to 10000.00 BRL 20% 650 BRL
10000.01 BRL to 15000 BRL 15th% 1150 Brazilian Real
From 15,000 BRL to 20000 BRL 10% 1900 Brazilian Real
Above 5% 2900 Brazilian Real

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