July 14, 2024

FGTS: CAIXA VERSIONS TODAY TO R$2,900 (11/25); See who gets

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Noticias Concursos
Noticias Concursos

The Caixa Economica Federal Provides withdrawal from FGTS (Work stoppage compensation fund) for a new group of workers. According to the official benefits table, the amount can be up to 2900 Brazilian RealDepending on the program balance range.

First, it is important to note that this is a christmas withdrawal, Which is available annually in the month of the worker’s birthday. In this way, redemption is available to the birthday people this month November🇧🇷 Workers who adhere to this method will be able to withdraw benefits until January 31, 2022.

Who is entitled to this method?

To join the method, the worker must meet the following criteria:

  • be over 18 years of age;
  • have a Caixa checking or savings account;
  • You have enough balance in fgts🇧🇷
  • Having a CPF in good standing tax authority🇧🇷
  • Finally, being in good standing with Caixa or using the credit supplier to pay off the debt

Every worker working with an official contract can join the Christmas opt-out method, which is:

  • urban workers;
  • rural workers;
  • casual workers (Law No. 13467/2017 – Labor Reform);
  • temporary workers
  • Independent workers
  • saffron (rural workers, who work only during the harvest period);
  • professional athletes (football, volleyball, etc.);
  • manager not working;
  • housekeeper.

FGTS birthday raffle value

It is important to note that the amount released fgts To factor in as per the balance ranges in the account which is still conditional on a certain rate. Check proportions:

Balance ranges in Brazilian reals withdrawal rate extra premium
Up to 500.00 BRL 50% 🇧🇷
From 500.01 Brazilian Real to 1,000.00 Brazilian Real 40% 50 Brazilian reals
From 1,000.01 BRL to 5,000.00 BRL 30% 150 Brazilian reals
From 5000.01 Brazilian Real to 10000.00 Brazilian Real 20% 650 Brazilian reals
10000.01 Brazilian Real to 15000 Brazilian Real 15th% 1150 Brazilian Real
From 15,000 R$ to 20,000 R$ 10% 1900 Brazilian Real
over 20,000,01,000 5% 2900 Brazilian Real

FGTS 2022 birthday withdrawal calendar

The Caixa Economica Federal Issues FGTS payments according to the following schedule:

  • Birthdays in January: January 3 to March 31;
  • Birthdays in February: February 1st to April 29th;
  • March birthdays: March 1 to May 31;
  • April Birthdays: April 1st to June 30th;
  • May birthdays: May 2 to July 29;
  • June birthdays: June 1 to August 31;
  • July birthdays: July 1 to September 30;
  • Birthdays in August: August 1 to October 28;
  • Birthdays in September: September 1 to November 30;
  • Birthdays in October: October 3 to December 30;
  • Birthdays in November: November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023;
  • December birthdays: from December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023.

What if I get fired?

The observance of the anniversary draw brings some changes regarding a worker’s rights to face dismissal. So, check out the information below:

  • Firstly, the worker who has committed to withdrawing the FGTS on his birthday: he can only withdraw the amount indicating the termination fine. The balance of contract termination is not transferred, once another option has been committed.
  • Finally, the worker in the standard FGTS method (withdrawal termination): upon termination without valid reason, is entitled to a full withdrawal from the FGTS account, including the termination penalty.

Can I withdraw from this situation?

It is important for all workers to bear in mind that if they give up the FGTS withdrawal on their birthday, they may be required to go back to the standard withdrawal, i.e. to the termination withdrawal. To cancel the method, just use the official Fundo de Garantia app.

However, to carry out the withdrawal, the worker cannot have a contracted anticipation process. Also, the return to standard loot will not happen immediately. According to the law, the change will only take effect from the first day of the twenty-fifth month after the date of the return request.

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