November 29, 2022
Noticias Concursos

FGTS has double drawn workers this week

This month, workers who are entitled FGTS will be able to carry out a Double Benefit Withdrawal. However, for this, it will be necessary for beneficiaries to comply with the requirements of different methods.

With the combination of two methods of withdrawing funds, some workers will be able to recover up to 3.9 thousand Brazilian real from your accounts. Find out the benefits and see if you are eligible.

FGTS birthday pull

Workers born in October can now carry out Christmas loot FGTS. The method issues annually a portion of the balance available in the worker’s fund accounts in the month of his birthday. According to the data, about 21 million workers have already joined the looting.

It is important to note that the amount a worker will withdraw varies depending on the balance available in their account. Beneficiaries can redeem up to 2.9 thousand Brazilian real.

Since it is an optional method, the beneficiary must express his interest to Caixa Econômica Federal, the financial institution responsible for the issuance, through the following service channels:

  • Application FGTSAvailable for Android and iOS phones;
  • Box website;
  • In Caixa branch.

To receive payments later in the year, it is necessary to join the method until the last working day of the month in which you have a birthday. This is because the worker has up to three months to withdraw the released amount.

unusual withdrawal

Unusual loot FGTS Their salaries are paid to 42 million workers who have a balance available in their accounts linked to the Guarantee Fund. The refund value of this method is up to 1000 Brazilian Real.

The amount is now available to all workers and can be redeemed until December 15. Please note that payments have been deposited into an account square hisCaixa Ecomica Digital Savings Account.

To check FGTS values, the owner can access the Caixa Econômica Federal website or the FGTS app. Another way to check the situation is to call 158 or go to a bank branch.

How to request an FGTS withdrawal

FGTS retirement withdrawal is a method prescribed by law, available to non-working workers and managers. Redemption is allowed even when retirement is due to disability.

As mentioned, the worker can withdraw the entire balance of his FGTS, but in cases where he continues the working relationship, he is entitled to withdraw the amounts monthly.

Thus, when retirement is enabled by INSS, Caixa systems issue the amount automatically. Here’s how to access the feature:

  1. access to the FGTS application;
  2. Check if the card shows that “You have released amounts to withdraw”;
  3. If so, click on the card;
  4. Tell how you would like to receive your FGTS credit. You can choose between: registering a bank account owned by you, from any financial institution; or choose one of the CAIXA physical payment channels;
  5. The amount will be directed to the selected channel for pickup within 5 working days of the order.

In cases where a CARD does not appear stating that there are amounts to be recovered from the FGTS, it will be necessary to apply through the application of the guarantee fund itself, see the steps below:

  1. access to the FGTS application;
  2. Click on the “My Withdrawals” option;
  3. choose the option “retirement”;
  4. Read the necessary conditions for withdrawal and click on “Request FGTS Withdrawal”;
  5. Register a bank account that you own from any bank;
  6. send the required documents;
  7. CAIXA will check the correctness of the data and if everything is correct, the amount will be credited to the account.

See what success is on the Internet: