July 15, 2024

Fiagros Listed in B3 Gained a Rating of 60% in Just 20 Days

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Fiagros Listed in B3 Gained a Rating of 60% in Just 20 Days
Fiagros included in B3 grow 60% in just 20 days. Photo: Pixabay.

anticipation B3 (B3SA3) The year 2021 was scheduled to end with at least seven investment funds in agro-industrial production chains (Viagros) included. The target was not reached last year, but only in the first 20 days of 2022, three funds have already made their shares available for trading in the market. This brings the number of Viagros listed on the Brazilian stock exchange to eight, which is a 60% increase compared to the 2021 closing.

The newest novice was the bottom of Galapagos Capital (GCRA11) which started trading on Wednesday and ended the first day with gains of more than 3%. Although included quotas Just this week, the manager was the first to create a file Viagro In Brazil, in August last year.

However, the first version was restricted. A second offering, restricted again, was made in December of last year, and now the asset begins trading in the fund’s shares in secondary market.

In the accumulated period from September to December, the fund gave a return of 6.74%, well above the CDI for this period. I think Fiagros could be more profitable than CRI and CRA and with more controlled risk,” says Felipe Sulzky, Partner and Director of Real Estate and Agribusiness Trusts at Galápagos Capital.

For him, the new instrument is in the process of natural maturation and there will still be an emigration of part of the 1.5 million investors currently working in real estate funds to Fiagros.

The first Viagro company to be listed was Riza Asset (RZAG11) in October of last year. Within three months of negotiations, it was investment funds Which aims to agricultural business It oscillates between positive and negative results.

Looking at the performance from the initial value of each fund’s stake to the last trade on Thursday (20), Kinea Investimentos Fund (KNCA11) has the highest return, at 5%. However, it was only three days of negotiations.

The biggest cumulative drop is for Fiagro from XP Investimentos (XPCA11). In circulation since November last year, the fund is the second oldest and has so far recorded a cumulative loss of 4.7%.

The second biggest drop is JGP Asset Management’s Fiagro (JGPX11), which has posted a 2% drop since November last year so far. The only one that, for now, is zero-to-zero is the FG/A Investimentos Fund (FGAA11).

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