February 6, 2023
FIFA announces a new Club World Cup with 32 teams for 2025

FIFA announces a new Club World Cup with 32 teams for 2025

FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced the holding of the Club World Cup with the participation of 32 teams for the year 2025. He informed that the details of the competition will remain under negotiation. The decision was taken by the FIFA Council.

“The new World Cup will be held in 2025 and will include 32 teams. Details still need to be discussed. It will be like the World Cup,” the FIFA president said.

There is great resistance from European and European clubs to this type of tournament in competition with the UEFA Champions League. FIFA had already undertaken an earlier project for an expanded World Cup with 24 teams and had to backtrack: the entity claims it was due to the Covid pandemic. But Infantino stressed that the project will not back down this time:

“I know what we’ve decided is that there will be a 32-team World Cup, to be played every four years. It will take place in the summer, in what used to be the Confederations Cup. It will be a little bit longer. But it will feature the best teams in the world. There will be details It is decided by the stakeholders (entities and clubs), ”said Infantino.

“We had a plan for the Club World Cup and it was cancelled. And we did it because we want to favor the Copa America and the Euro and not increase them. This Club World Cup is not included in the total of 11 billion USD. In revenue, we don’t take that into account. So. “

Another announcement by Infantino is the establishment of friendly matches between national teams from different continents. The idea would be to create a FIFA World Series in even-numbered March – FIFA date windows. That is, those who have the World Cup or the Copa America / Eurocup. The intention is to increase interaction between the continents since Brazilian national teamHe, for example, practically did not play with European teams in the last tournament.

In the course of the selections, FIFA promoted the adjustment in FIFA history in September and October. The gaming period usually anticipates two separate moments for two matches to take place. FIFA wants the trip to be combined into one break, allowing enough time to play four matches in one trip. Thus, the intercontinental displacement of players will be reduced, all in all.

About the 2030 World Cup, FIFA warned that the definition of the host will take place in 2024. South America has a candidacy, with the group formed by Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. The Europeans will try to deal with the conflict with Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.