FIFA can punish the Palestinians because of Israel

ФИФА может наказать палестинцев из-за Израиля

The international football Federation FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Chairman of the Palestinian football Association Jibril Rajoub – the experts will examine alleged incitement on his part.

Recall that before the cancellation of the friendly football match between Argentina and Israel, rajoub called on Arab fans to burn pictures and t-shirts of the captain of the Argentine national team Lionel Messi if he comes to Israel. In this regard, the Israel Football Association filed for Rajoub and the Palestinian football Association complaint.

“This ritual is repeated each time when rajoub is seeking from FIFA’s decision-making against our football and the state of Israel. With a proper and reasonable efforts have allowed us to explain to our friends in the FIFA that is really behind the supposedly innocent suggestions of who crosses all red lines.

Israeli football will continue to be part of the international community and the International football Federation will continue to treat Israel with great sympathy,” commented the decision of the head of the Israel Football Association ofer, Einie.

In addition, 156 votes against 35 FIFA pulled back the Palestinian proposal to change the status of the organization thus to strengthen the position in relation to human rights.


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