September 25, 2023
FIFA jury sees penalty kick hit Atletico MJ against Cruzeiro: 'Reckless Carreño' |  football

FIFA jury sees penalty kick hit Atletico MJ against Cruzeiro: ‘Reckless Carreño’ | football

The jury of the Football Association of Minas Gerais (FMF) realized that referee Igor Benevenuto was right to score a controversial penalty kick for Oliveira on Hulk, which began with the victory of the match. Atletico MG In the classic against Cruzeiro, 2 to 1.

According to the head of the commission, Giuliano Lopez Lobato, after a thorough analysis of the show, it was understood that Oliveira’s chariot hit Hulk’s legs, which is enough to take the penalty kick.

– It’s a very difficult step. Several referee commentators from all over Brazil have different opinions, but the committee, after seeing and reviewing the bid, from different angles, came to the conclusion that the referee was right – told Itatiaia.

“Athlete Cruzeiro recklessly hits an Atletico athlete in the area. And within the area, it’s a penalty.”

Igor Benevenuto, referee of the classics between Atlético and Cruzeiro – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

The show, in the 38th minute of the second half, paved the way for the return of Atletico, which Ademir won with a goal by Ademir, in the 52nd minute. The death penalty angered many members of the heavenly delegation, such as Striker Vitor Rocthe coach Paolo Pezulano Football club manager Ronaldo phenomenon.

Unfortunately, the referee again intervened directly in the outcome. We continue against everything and everyone, we want a better and fairer tournament – Ronaldo wrote on his social network.

For the FIFA jury, the analysis was that the performance of referee Igor Benvenuto’s team in the classics was commendable.

– The jury understands that the referee and the entire five referee did a good job yesterday (Sunday) in Mineirao.