Fifty years of tournament midget to Acton Vale

Cinquante ans de tournoi midget à Acton Vale

The Tournament midget Acton Vale celebrates its 50 years. Nothing less. And according to the president, Annie Desgranges, we will celebrate it big !

The tournament of Acton has perhaps lost some of its lustre of yesteryear, but it remains no less the dean of the tournaments in the region. Make it last a tournament for half a century, it is quite the feat.

“We are proud of our longevity,” admits Annie Desgranges. And because we are proud, we wanted this edition to be a memorable one ! “

The tournament begins Tuesday evening, but the official opening will take place Friday evening at 19: 30, with the match between the Lions of Acton to the Bombers Valcourt-Waterloo in the class A. The former have won the tournaments of Drummondville and Disraéli while the latter took away the honours in the tournament which they were the hosts, Valcourt. It promises to be interesting and we are expecting a large crowd to the sports centre.

But Ms. Desgranges comes to bright eyes when it comes to the evening of the next day, the match of the old Lions, which will take place at 20 h.

“Seriously, this event is taking proportions pretty incredible,” she says. When we launched the idea to organize a match of former Lions in the context of the 50th, it was not known if the company would be successful. But we had to reject more than 100 former so the response has been good ! And because everyone is talking about it in town, the arena will be filled ! “

Forty players will participate in the match, which will pit the Lions white Lions on black. The organizers have made sure that there is a good mix between “young” and ” old “. The pillars of the world of the sport of Acton as Jean-François Dorais and Stéphane Chagnon will be in uniform.

“Players of all generations will be there. We even managed to get their hands on a gentleman who played the very first edition 50 years ago. “

32 teams

The Tournament midget Acton Vale to welcome more teams to level double-letter, but they will all be of the same 32 class A and B participate in the event by 10 February. As usual, they will come here and there in Quebec. The clubs of the region mentioned above, it is necessary to add the Eagles of Granby and the Rockies of Bromont, in the A, and the Valois Acton Vale, in the B.

“We are excited that it starts ! “says the very enthusiastic Annie Desgranges, who is in her sixth year at the helm of the organization.

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