June 7, 2023
Filho de Rio scolds Juma, and Jove is surprised by a bold decision by TV news

Filho de Rio scolds Juma, and Jove is surprised by a bold decision by TV news

Friday Marwa (Alanis JilinGoff (Jesuta Barbosa) will come out of his hut and be scolded by Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) in wet land. The Jaguar Girl would then make a comeback and surprise the photographer by announcing that he could visit her whenever he wanted at the 9am Globo Opera.

In this Monday chapter (25), The boy will recover from the snake bite After he is taken care of by the young lady and guardian of the biome. A little better, the young man will take the camera and try to photograph his caretaker: “Why, this time, do not become a Jaguar, Friday MarwaAnd let me paint you a portrait? He will be shocked by the answer:what what This is amazing?”.

“Won’t you say you’ve never seen a camera before?” The young man from the big city will act in disbelief. daughter of Maria Maro Juliana Paes will decline the request and send the guest away. “Why all this so hurry to see me away? There is nothing to fear me,” said Leôncio’s heir, without imagining that the young woman loved him.

before leaving, hollow She will praise the hostess: “You are the most wonderful person I have met in my whole life.” Moreover, Velho do Rio will go to the hut and will not find his grandson. The girl will explain that she chased the boy away, and the entity will reprimand her for her attitude.

I was greatly affected by the words of the therapist and the feelings of the youngest Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera), Pantanera will announce that the rich man will be able to visit her whenever he wants and will surprise him with permission.

Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the telenovela Pantanal was introduced in 1990 by the extinct Manchete (1983-1999). Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of the author.

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