March 31, 2023
Filipao complains about Atletico's abolished penalty and pins: "He who rules football is VAR" |  Atletico PR

Filipao complains about Atletico’s abolished penalty and pins: “He who rules football is VAR” | Atletico PR

the coach Luiz Felipe Scolari He was in trouble with the referee, more so with the VAR, in a team tie Athlete With Estudiantes, 0-0, at the Arena da Baixada, Thursday evening, in the first leg of the Libertadores quarter-final.

Filipao mainly complained about the annulled hurricane penalty in the first half, which Venezuelan referee Jesus Valenzuela scored on the field, but retracted the decision after consulting the video assistant referee.

During the movement, Coelho returned to the area and the ball hit Godoy’s arm. After referring to the penalty kick, the referee went to the video and decided to cancel the penalty, at 27 of the first half.

– The photo perfectly shows that his arm is open, hitting him and pulling his arm. It’s a penalty, he gave her a penalty. Someone understood that it’s not a punishment, I don’t know. This type of arbitrage is incomprehensible. Why not the referee, realizing that he is two meters from the pitch and pointing, resolutely saying “No, I’m the boss of the game”? Now ruling football around the world is VAR. If VAR says it exists, then it is. If it is written here, it is here – Filippau commented, at a press conference.

Thiago Heleno disallowed Atletico’s goal in the second half, with VAR entering again to indicate that Gelvin was offside at the time of the cross.

The goal goes from offside offside. the correct. If he saw there. It’s absurd. If they want it, so be it. We will play on equal terms, under the same conditions that we started here today – Filippao completed.

When asked about the result, the coach again scolded the referee’s performance:

– Did you find a fair result? I and the judge. and VAR.

Filipao at Atletico vs Estudiantes – Photo: Staff Images / CONMEBOL

Fernandinho sees greater involvement in South America

And the wheel of Fernandinho expressed his opinion about the participation of the VAR in the match and compared what he witnessed in England and Europe when he defended Manchester City.

In European competitions, there has been minimal interference from the VAR. In England, and especially in domestic competitions, field decisions were worth much more than VAR decisions. The rulers in the field had a great deal of autonomy to make decisions. Here in South America, without a doubt, we have a much larger intervention from the video judges – he evaluated.

The return match between Atletico and Estudiantes is scheduled to take place on August 11, next Thursday, at 9:30 pm, at the Jorge Luis Hershey Stadium, in La Plata, Argentina. The winner of the match chooses Atlético-MG or Palmeiras in the semi-finals.

Before Athlete Back to the field against Atletico MG On Sunday, at 7 pm, in Mineirao, for Round 21 of Brazil. Hurricane ranks fourth with 34 points.