June 6, 2023
Filipao hails "the best match for Atlético since my arrival" Atletico PR

Filipao hails “the best match for Atlético since my arrival” Atletico PR

the coach philippe Consider a 1-1 tie between Athlete And the Corinthians, Wednesday evening, in the Arena da Baixada, for the twelfth round of the Brazilian Championship. The red and black captain still estimated that this was the team’s best performance under his stewardship.

Atletico started putting pressure on the opponent, but got a free kick from Roger Guedes. Timão began to dominate the game, while Hurricane reached out to overseas dispatches, such as Pablo and Terans.

In the second stage, Vitor Rock and Vitigno hit the position in the same show. Next, Rock suffered a penalty, and Terrance turned to even things out.

We were well organized, we had a very good four minutes and the goal was a bit disorganized. In general it was a good match. He did not control the game. In wanting to score a goal, we had one mistake or the other. The only show will be a tie.

– Filipao, at a press conference

Filipao, in the Atletico match against Corinthians – Photo: Jose Tramontin / Atletico

with equality, Hurricane Filipao has reached its eighth game unbeaten this season: Five wins and three draws, between Libertadores and Serie A. Fluminense’s last defeat was on the 14th of May.

The red and black team jumped to fourth and is counting on Sao Paulo’s stumble against Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro to continue their run in the group of four.

Best match Atletico have played since my arrival. We had chances to beat them, but the result was normal for teams with talent. We did what we thought we would do.

– Felipe

with 18 points, Athlete It ranks fourth in Brazil. a drilling Back to the field against Curitiba On Sunday, at 4 pm, at Coto Pereira Stadium, for the thirteenth round of the Italian Serie A football tournament.