Final preparations before the Games in Quebec

Derniers préparatifs avant les Jeux du Québec

The 54th edition of the Jeux du Québec will begin in a few days in Quebec city. For the heads of delegation Richelieu-Yamaska, the last blitz of preparation is in progress. More than 200 athletes, coaches, chaperones and members of the mission team will represent the region on the spot. For young athletes, it is the experience of a lifetime that awaits them.

If the team delegation is anticipating with impatience the launch of the competitions, a lot of small things are still to be resolved. “The devil is in the details, spins the head of the delegation, Diane Gosselin. We have large steps to take : the young people are enrolled, the preparatory meetings with the coaches, coaches and parents, it is set. There are still small issues, but we exchange regularly with the organizing committee that is very effective. “

Participation in the Games of Quebec is for each cohort, an exceptional experience. The 54th edition promises to be an experience particularly interesting because of the formula espoused by the organizers in Quebec city. For the first time, the participants will be hosted under a same flag, which is not without posing a logistical challenge.

“For the experience, it is beautiful, but for us it is a challenge to coexist with 18 other regions. […] We are given the rules of coexistence, because we are going to have to be really on the hook. It takes also the ease since the people will not have to break your head to go from the accommodation to the feeding site and then the site of competition. This is a new formula welcomed, ” stresses Diane Gosselin.

The Quebec Games will also see the return of the ceremonies to the outside, a first since a decade, according to Diane Gosselin. They will take place in front of the Armoury in place George-V on the 1st of march, for the opening ceremony and march 9, for the closing ceremony.

Regional Sports

Due to new selection rules that apply to athletes, it is a good cohort, considers the head of the delegation of Richelieu-Yamaska.

“With the new eligibility rules put in place, they must have obtained the level of Hope, either by performing some performance or taking part in a number of camps and competitions recognised. It varies depending on the sport “, said Ms. Gosselin.

These rules were significantly out of the blue the cohort at the last Games in Thetford Mines last summer. The sporting organizations, however, seem to have been able to correct the shooting, as the size of the cohort of these 54 Games is comparable to the one that had made the Games of Alma in 2017 (164 athletes). Only a sport, fencing, has not been able to send one of its representatives to swell the delegation of Richelieu-Yamaska.


The flag of the delegation will be worn by a member of the club de patinage artistique de Saint-Césaire at the opening ceremony. It is, in fact, Jeremy Allard, who will have the honour to lead the delegation.

For the native of Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir, it will be a second participation in the Games of Quebec, since he had won the silver medal in category juvenile Games of Alma in 2017. He had, however, suffered a important injury as a result of these Games, which had hampered its development.

“I injured a ligament in the knee and suffered a tear of the membrane interosseous. I had to stop to train me for six months, but now, I’m well-prepared and well-motivated “, says the young man.

The 54th Quebec Games will begin on march 1st with the arrival of the athletes and the opening ceremony in Quebec city. The first block of the competition will be launched on Saturday 2 march with the men’s hockey, boxing, gymnastics, biathlon and badminton. The second block (from 5 to 9 march) will be devoted to the sport of curling, weightlifting and women’s hockey.

More than 2700 athletes, coaches and chaperones are expected at this important sports event.

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