August 14, 2022
Find out how it works and how to check your balance

Find out how it works and how to check your balance

Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) works as security savings, which can help in times of crisis, such as unfair dismissal, serious health problems and many more.

For those who already have some value in this fund, the extraordinary withdrawal has been released, with which workers can withdraw up to R$1,000 from the account until December 15.

But those unfamiliar with the techniques implemented by the government, which allow easy access to information about these benefits, may find it difficult to know where to locate these values.

It turns out that FGTS amounts are automatically released into a digital savings account, which can be accessed through the app square his. In addition, it is possible to refer to the balance and payment dates of the FGTS, which can be viewed in a range of up to 6 months prior.

This is possible with quick access to the FGTS app available for Android and iOS. Through the application, the employee can update information, consult with deposits and find nearby service points.

To make the query, simply download the app and inform your CPF and password – if you are not registered yet, just create a new one. On the main screen, simply click on “FGTS Total Credit”, then on “Access my FGTS” and then on “View extracted”. Once done, you can download this extract by clicking on Create PDF Extract.

In order for a worker to be entitled to FGTS, he must have a formal contract with a CLT contract, in which cases the amount deposited every month is 8% of the salary received. The young apprentice is also entitled to work in the FGTS, the deposited amount is only 2% of the received salary. Domestic employees can get FGTS, as long as they are registered with Social Security, and receive a deposit in the amount of 11.2% of the salary received.