September 24, 2022
Find out how the fight between Deolane and Deborah began in A Fazenda 14 - A Fazenda

Find out how the fight between Deolane and Deborah began in A Fazenda 14 – A Fazenda

seat farm 14 It’s on fire! This time, Deolane Bezerra decided to defend her friend Pétala Barreiros and went to meet Deborah Albuquerque, who was going to say Strawberry cake for information Touching classified information that would shock the press if disclosed.

According to Naldo’s wife, Deborah would have said that Petala was a very good friend, because during a party at Deolane’s house, The influencer would reveal personal details about her life to her. However, the pawn and the attorney denied this claim and decided to clean up the story together.

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This Thursday morning (15), Deolane and Pétala went to talk to the actress and the bullshit went off at the headquarters. The lawyer called Deborah a liar and said, “I’m not your girlfriend. I came to my house to work.”

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Petal tried to talk to Deborah to understand what the actress had to say about her, But the fight between the redhead and Deolane took over the kitchen, requires pawns to separate the pawns. The lawyer and the actress fought and exchanged insults.

“Since I came here you’ve been behind me”, They released the lawyer about Deborah’s approach. The actress replied: I thought you were that woman [da festa]”.

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Later, the pawn had Strawberry Shortcake tell everyone that she did not threaten to expose the influencer. The dancer repeated the actress’s wordswho made it clear that he never said Deborah threatened Petal.

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