December 9, 2022
Find out how to find vouchers on your CPF number at Nubank

Find out how to find vouchers on your CPF number at Nubank

With the “Boletos Searcher” feature, Nubank customers can find CPF bills in the app itself. Check step by step!

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With the “Boletos Searcher” feature, the . file nubank You can find boletos in your CPF in your organization’s app, no need to enter email, download PDF, copy barcode, then pay in app. So, check out how to use the function below.

How do I find tickets on Nubank?

See the step-by-step guide to find tickets at financial technology:

  • Access to the Nubank app (available for Android And the iOS)
  • On the main page, click “Payment Processor”;
  • Click on “Ticket Finder”.
  • Read all the information and click “Activate”;
  • ready! After activating the feature, the customer will receive monthly vouchers which are generated in their CPF number in the app.

Therefore, with this function activated, the customer is notified each time a new invoice is issued on his behalf, so that he is able to schedule or pay through the application.

However, according to Nubank, the functionality still does not include searching for vouchers for consumption, such as water, electricity, gas, Internet, and taxes. These accounts may be available in future service updates.

In addition, Nubank also has the function of payment receipts through a debit card. creditwhich is currently only available to some users, however, soon, it will be released to everyone who has the color purple.

In this way, the service allows the customer to pay his bills in installments on his credit card, or pay in cash at preferential rates. Check how to do it:

  • access to the Nubank app;
  • On the main page, click “Pay”;
  • select “Pay tickets”;
  • Scan the ticket or enter the barcode;
  • Click “Choose a payment method”;
  • Click on “Credit Card” and choose the number of installments;
  • review payment information;
  • Click “Pay”
  • Enter the 4-digit password to confirm;
  • ready!

On the Nubank website there is a credit card payment simulator. Thus, the fictitious boleto is R$424.73, if the customer chooses to pay it without installments, the interest is 4% per month, in this case R$9.82 plus the IOF which was R$1.27. So, in this case, the customer will pay R$11.09 as a fee.

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