February 6, 2023
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Find out how to get up to R$1,500 cashback

Client nubank can enjoy Cash back promotion Valid for purchases made in Shopee. Users can get up to R$1,500 cashback when purchasing products on the online selling platform.

The partnership between Nubank and Shopee It allows Nu customers to make their purchases, starting with the Nu app, and get cash back with every purchase made. The amount is deposited directly into your Nubank account. The other good news is that once you have it in your account, you can use the cashback amount however you want, ensuring more control over your money,” Nubank explains on its blog.

According to Nubank, to ensure Cashback feature Customers must initiate payment in the same session. This means that after reaching Nubank’s shopping area and being redirected to the Shopee app, users must select products, add to cart, and complete the process. Purchases made on other tabs will not activate cashback.

Nubank also reports that after payment is confirmed, customers receive a Application alerts🇧🇷 Cashback is credited to the consumer’s account within 90 days thereafter Purchase confirmation🇧🇷

Learn how to make purchases at Shopee with Nubank Shopping

Nubank customers can activate the Shopping do Nubank cashback offer directly on the Nubank platform. digital bank🇧🇷 To do this, just click on “Shopping” on the home screen and check out the offers that Shopee has to offer.

Finally, you just need to read the information and click on “Activate cashback and go to the store”. This way the user will be directed to the website or Request From the company where you can shop and get cashback.

Find out how the cashback amount is calculated

After completing the purchase, the cashback that is issued to the users depends on the value of the purchase made by him Applicationdoes not include shipping cost.

“You added a blouse worth R$50 and a cell phone worth R$750 to your cart, for a total of R$800. When you enter your zip code, you will see that shipping costs BRL 20.820 for your purchase, but the amount for the cashback account will be BRL800 Brazilian Real.

With the purchase amount and the cashback percentage shown to you in the app, it is possible to calculate the amount you will get back. Still in the same example: after checking in Nu app that Cashback percentage In Shopee available to you is 5%, and with the value of the purchase close in hand it is possible to calculate a value cash back: 5% of R$800 is R$40 – that’s how much you’ll get in cashback,” Nubank explains on its blog.

In addition to Shoppe, shopping nubank It guarantees discounts on several giant retail brands in the Brazilian market. More information about the digital bank platform can be obtained from the official channels of the institution.

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