March 31, 2023
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Find out how to increase your NUBANK card limit by up to 5,000 BRL

that nubank It is one of the largest digital banks in Latin America. Packed with products, Fintech offers the credit card with no annual fee which still has a feature that allows you to build a limit.

In short, this functionality keeps part or all of the cardholder’s digital account balance for use as a credit line. In this way, if the user needs to 500 Brazilian Real To make a purchase, simply deposit that amount and keep it as a credit on the card.

Then, when the transaction is executed, the amount is not available for use, until the credit card bill is paid. After payment, the customer will get the balance back, and be able to choose between leaving it as a maximum, leaving it in the account or withdrawing.

according to nubankYou can use up to 5 thousand Brazilian riyals In a job building a limit on a credit card. In addition, the user can make domestic and international purchases, both in person and online.

However, it is important to note that if the user fails to pay the bill by the due date, the bank can deduct the amount to guarantee payment. In addition, there are additional fees, such as fines, interest, and IOF.

How do you use the function?

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. Enter the list of credit cards;
  3. Click on the “Set Limit” option;
  4. Once done, tap on Maximum Booking and enter the desired amount.

Resource Advantages

Although the feature does not seem useful to many people, considering that it is the user who provides his own limits, the functionality can be very useful for those who do not have a pre-approved credit.

“This card works like this for a simple reason: Instead of denying access to a credit card, we let you create a credit history with us: by booking a limit and paying your bill for a while, our system can create a new credit history for future analysis based on your behavior, and with more information, gives you a pre-approved limit,” fintech explains.

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