January 27, 2023
Find out how to obtain a nationally valid Covid-19 vaccine certificate

Find out how to obtain a nationally valid Covid-19 vaccine certificate

The Ministry of Health has submitted a national vaccination certificate against COVID-19 As a document valid throughout the country. The document can be accessed through the Connect SUS Citizen app. In addition to viewing the certificate, you can save and print the document.

According to the folder, the file Vaccination records They are entered into the information systems linked to the National Health Data Network, and thus the data is automatically presented in Connect SUS, through the digital vaccination card.

The certificate can only be issued after completion of the vaccination course. Just access the “Vaccine” service from the app or from web version From the SUS Citizen connection. Check it out step by step:

  • Complete the immunization schedule at the immunization center or primary health care unit (UBS)
  • Continue via Connect SUS if the vaccine history is entered into the information system (approximately 10 days after the date of vaccination)
  • Certificate issuance: In Connect SUS Citizen, find the “Vaccine” icon, check the doses given, open the dose details and click on the certificate issue button

According to the Ministry of Health, the document will not be activated until after the completion of the vaccination schedule. Check the step-by-step instructions to download the application to your mobile phone Here.

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