August 18, 2022
Find out how to request a refund on Shein

Find out how to request a refund on Shein

See the step-by-step guide for requesting a refund on Shein.

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Like other clothing stores, the online store dear to Brazilians, Shein, has the option to cancel orders. It is not necessary to open a new order to request a refund on e-commerce, as the process is automatic and applies even to purchases that have already been completed.

How do I get my money back on Shein?

As long as the purchase falls within Sheen’s return policies, a refund is automatic once the customer requests a return or cancellation of the order through Site or the app (available for Android And the iOS). This way, you won’t have to request a refund separately.

During the product return steps, Shein will offer the refund options, which can be made into the e-commerce customer’s digital wallet or through a payment method. A native.

The most common way to request a refund on the platform is by returning the product, which can happen through a ‘prepaid return label’, which allows for repurchases using the post office, with the first free return, or through a logistics company, where the customer pays the freight .

What is the payment term for Shein?

Shein takes up to seven days to issue a refund after receiving or canceling a purchase. In periods when the order volume is larger, such as Black Friday and Christmas, refunds can take up to two weeks.

The store makes a refund in a standardized way in the digital wallet of the customer on the platform, however, there is the possibility to contact the help center and choose the refund by the original payment method, which can be a debit card, credit or pecs.

Will Shein Refund the Full Refund?

Finally, the platform does not refund the full amount of the product in the refund, the original or safe shipping fee is deducted, and it is not refundable, except for cases where the fault is the store selling the product.

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