July 25, 2024

Find out how to withdraw up to 1100 Brazilian Real

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Find out how to withdraw up to 1100 Brazilian Real
Find out how to withdraw up to 1100 Brazilian Real

Many people who worked in 2019 didn’t do it Procedure Withdrawal of PIS/Pasep salary allowance for that year for force majeure reasons. Be aware, however, because amounts related to this feature are still being paid and can be requested until June 15th.

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There are about 471,283 PIS allowances paid, but not withdrawn at Caixa Econômica federal branches, as well as an average of 318,372 allowances indicating Pasep, although available, not withdrawn at Banco do Brasil branches.

All persons who have not yet withdrawn their benefit either from PIS or Pasep, need to Contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to access the funds involved.

Forgotten benefits applications began on March 31 of that year, but it can still be submitted by those who, for some reason, forgot that the money was there.

As for the amount each person has to redeem, the minimum is R$92.00, however it can go up to a maximum of R$1,100, as this is the exact amount each beneficiary is entitled to. all the rest change By the number of working months per person in 2019.

This means that those who worked during the full 12 months of the base year 2019 will receive the full amount indicating PIS or Pasep, a total of R$1,100.

Who will receive the forgotten base year PIS / Pasep 2019?

The people who will have truly To request and receive the forgotten salary allowance for the year 2019 are:

  • Receive equivalent to a maximum minimum wage in 2019;
  • They have already registered in PIS or Pasep in 2019 for 5 years or more;
  • They have all their personal and professional data updated in the Annual List of Social Information (RAIS) / eSocial;
  • They worked on a paid basis for at least 30 days in 2019 (30 consecutive days not required).

All those who meet the above requirements are entitled to the 2019 base year forgotten amounts.

How to apply for the money?

To request money, simply contact “Alô Trabalhador” through number 158, although you can also send an email to the following email address: [email protected] In the case of an email, remember to change the abbreviation “uf” to the abbreviation for the state in which you are residing.

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