December 2, 2023
Find out if renting a mobile phone is worth it |  Technique

Find out if renting a mobile phone is worth it | Technique

An additional camera, a more modern processor, a nicer design – the temptations to change smartphones often, but not everyone can afford to buy a new one every year. Thinking about it, another type of service appeared: device rental, but is it worth it?

Purchasing with cash will always be more beneficialhighlights Ricardo Teixeira, MBA Coordinator in Financial Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

If not, then you need to make some calculations to understand whether it is better to rent or face the purchase on term. To make this decision, The first point is to understand how long you intend to keep the device.

Teixeira recommends answering the following question: How long do your cell phones usually last? Think if you’re the type who drops a lot and end up changing it often, or if you prefer to simply change the model every year, just to be up to date.

  1. Multiply the months that your cell phone usually lasts (or that you intend to keep) by your monthly rent, to understand how much you will be spending on this service. Remember that most plans usually last at least one year;
  2. Do your research and write the best price found to buy the device in installments, considering your credit card limit. Add it to the insurance value, which is usually given separately;
  3. Compare the results of the two calculations and analyze: which is cheaper? Is it the same? Given the purchase, will a cell phone still be worth something after unpacking? How long will you enjoy the device without having to pay anything else for it?

The g 1 to make Cost simulation with iPhone 13 (128 GB) the new:

  • buy in store An apple: R$ 7,599 in installments (up to 12 installments of R$ 633.25), without insurance.
  • Internet stores: From R$5,689 in installments (up to 10 times R$568.90), plus R$796.50 for one year of insurance (taking into account the prices of five supermarkets on May 2).
  • Rent in Allugator: 3,197 R$ for 1 year with insurance (divided into 3 installments up to a maximum of R$ 1,065.66; at the end of the contract it is possible to purchase the cell phone at “market price”, which will be “the value exercised in stores at the time it is demanded” purchase, with a slight decrease in value due to the fact that the product is already used “, and without deduction of what has already been paid in rent).
  • Leapfone Rental: R$ 13,470 for 30 months with insurance (monthly fee R$ 449; it is possible to change the device after 12 months or keep it at the end of the contract, at no additional cost).

Big companies are also looking at new ways to have a “modern” cell phone. For example, Itaú has the iPhone Para Semper, a program in which a customer pays up to 70% of the value of a device provided by a bank for a period of 21 months to use the product.

Then you can return it and start a new contract with another device or pay the rest and keep the cell phone permanently.

In the case of the iPhone 13 (128 GB), the payment in 21 months for iPhone Forever was R$5,087.46 (R$242.26 per month) in early May. To keep the cell phone after this period, it is necessary to pay another R$2,285.54, totaling R$7373.00 for the device.

“It is not responsible for the loss or theft of the iPhone, the installments and final payment must be paid normally,” Itai says. The same applies if the device is damaged.

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