February 2, 2023

Find out the behind-the-scenes gossip of Globo’s telenovela party

next one a novel Globo held its launch party last night at Teatro Rival, in Rio de Janeiro.

The plot will be broadcast from next Monday and includes the names of the cast such as Sherron Menezes, Elisa Lucinda, Bella Campos, Carolina Dickman, Emilio Dantas, Jose Loreto and Renata Sora.

This column from splash He was present at the event and now brings some behind-the-scenes details: gossip that no one saw.

From marmitinhas to caviar. There was nothing more to say, the food at the cosmopolitan party was one of the highlights, with one of the delicacies being caviar based. There were those who also enjoyed their coxinha, kibbeh, and even marmites with minced meat, a reference to the boxes of food that Sol (Chiron Menzies) would sell in the series.

He drinks Tastes like cleanser? Not everyone liked all the options at the party, right, Mel Maya? The actress, when she tried a drink, said, “Wow, I love the cleanser.” I offered this columnist a try, but preferred to trust celebrity taste.

Mel Maya at the Vai na Fè party

Image: globe

loose loreto. The highlight of the night was the concert of Jose Loreto, or rather Louie Lorenzo. The actor put all of the character’s energies on stage and gave a lauded performance alongside actresses Letícia Salles and Azzy.

Where is the dressing room? Renata Sura can’t seem to remember how Globo parties work, where journalists, actors and guests are all “VIPs”. The actress was uncomfortable with the harassment and asked, “Where is the dressing room? I’d like to go there.” After a while I relaxed and went to the track.

Renata Sorah at Vai na Fé - Globo - Globo

Renata Sorah at the Vai na Fé concert

Image: globe

climate of intimacy. This columnist witnessed a very intimate moment between an actor and an actress, with small talk close to the ear, holding hands, foreplay and laughter. It’s all very tight. their names? Letícia Salles and Samuel de Assis.

Absence of Bella Campos. Sherone Menezes’ daughter in the plot, Bella Campos, was not present at the party. She appeared on social media in a photo posted by her boyfriend, MC Cabelinho, of her watching the movie Shrek.

tension in the section. Every TV series released by Globo has a segment showing the plot and “Vai na Fé” was no different. Final edits to the video were made at the last minute and created tension within the team. A producer chimed in to this columnist: “In the name of Jesus, this clip will work. We made a last-minute edit.” And it worked!

Chiron cries. After seeing herself as the hero on the big screen at Teatro Rival, Sheron Menezzes cried a lot. I hugged and thanked author Roseanne Svartman. The two were elated.

Samuel de Assis, Chiron Menezes and Jose Loreto at the Vai na Fé concert - Globo / João Miguel Júnior - Globo / João Miguel Júnior

Samuel de Assis, Chiron Menezes and Jose Loreto at the Vai na Fé concert

Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior