June 4, 2023

Find out what colors reveal you in this viral TikTok quiz!

The TikTok personality test is a hit again two years after it debuted on the app. But what makes this test so popular and funny is the fact that it is used Color psychology To explain how you deal with problems and adverse situations in your daily life.

It may seem strange to you to believe, but colors influence our personality and our emotions. So, of course, they can also say how we express and feel.

What do the colors say about you?

Since the quiz is also for fun, many people have shared their reactions to the quiz result on their TikTok profiles. While some find it funny, others use the tool as a way to connect with like-minded people.

Should we take a TikTok personality test?

The Color Personality Test is part of a set of color quizzes created by Don Lowry. The idea is to be able to analyze what people’s main personality tendencies are, such as emotions, feelings, and how they respond to certain situations in life.

To take a color personality test, you must answer 12 questions and then get the test result to tell you which color represents you. The test questions are varied and form different social situations to say what you would do.

Popular color personality test on TikTok is available at Korean website Ketston. To do this, you must be able to speak English or select the Spanish option.

Then click on the “Go to Test” option and start answering the questions. The questions are simple and have only two answer options.

Upon completion of the test, the result will automatically appear on the screen and you will be able to see which color represents you, as in the example below.

TikTok personality test.

The color of dandelion is a shade of yellow, but there are different colors in the test, such as quartz, blue, pink, purple and other shades. After taking the test, you can share the results with your TikTok friends using the hashtag #colorpersonalitytest.

Take the opportunity to see other people’s scores and have fun.