November 30, 2023
Find out what happens moments before the brothers enter BBB

Find out what happens moments before the brothers enter BBB

the Brazil is the big brother It started on Monday (1/1), but one of the first problems between the popcorn and the booths was the moments before the participants entered the most guarded house in Brazil.

Blindfolded when they leave the hotel room, the brothers and sisters can do nothing but wait for the moment to start the game. They are taken to Projac by car and this moment, according to what they described, is one of the saddest..


“Walk a little and stop, walk a little and stop,” Laiss described about the movement of the car. Tiago Abravanel said the uncertainty about his whereabouts made him consider several possibilities, such as a car ride in the backyard..

Inside the car, there is absolute silence, and whoever accompanies them does not answer anything, which increases the tension of the brothers. “I asked for water, and (the person) said nothing,” he commented.

Nayara Azevedo had a similar experience and said she kept talking and asking everything she could, even without having any answers. The brothers also said that even when they asked about going to the bathroom they came back.

BBB22 started on Monday, but Arthur Aguiar, Lin da Quebrada and Jed Bacon, all from the booth, will not enter the program until Thursday (20/1), after being diagnosed with Covid.

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