February 5, 2023

Find out what is Tadeo Schmidt’s salary for presenting the reality show

Tadeo Schmidt will perform “Big Brother Brasil” for the second year in a row. Know how much the presenter will get.

Jan 11th
– 10:46 pm

(updated 1/12/2023 at 10:39 am)

“BBB 23”: Find out what Tadeu Schmidt’s salary is.

Image: Publicity, TV Globo/Purepeople

the “BBB 23” will start on January 16thBut Some news about the new version is already moving social networks. to me Official list announcementAnd Thaddeus Schmidt And Anna Clara It will be, this Thursday (12), at Throughout Globo programming, reveal the names of brothers and sisters. before reality for the second year in a row, Find out the presenter’s salary.

According to journalist Andre Romano, from the TV Observatory, the Tedio Schmidt, with a monthly salary of 400 thousand Brazilian riyals. However, during “BBB 23”, The value can reach more than R$2 million per month.

This is because the presenterYou will receive a percentage of advertising actions that will take place throughout the reality.

Find out how much each participant in “BBB 23” will earn

Besides the the possibility of increasing the final prize of “BBB 23”, What has also changed is the participant fee. in this edition, Each brother and sister will receive R$33,000. Last year, the value was R$20,000.

Both detainees will receive a minimum wage for every advertisement they make in reality, according to columnist Andre Romano, of the “Observatório da TV”. This is BRL 1,302.

In addition to fixed values, participants will still be able to win cash prizes in tests throughout the reality.

Boninho gives advice to the participants of “BBB 23”

In a video posted on his social network, Boninho made another stand-up about the 2023 edition of the reality show and made a recommendation for new participants.

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