December 1, 2023
Find out what it is and how to do it at home

Find out what it is and how to do it at home

I am only one and I am many!
I am a wife, housewife, cook, mother of dogs and cats, daughter, sister, friend, niece. I am also a Gardener, Sales Representative, Interior Designer, Content Producer!
I am an avid reader! Idle time, I go with a book in my hand! And I read it all! Novels, cops, self-help, art books, finance, business, entrepreneurship, religion, fiction, nonfiction! Everything!
What I like is learning a lot of things and spreading information about them around!
About my past: I studied law until the seventh, when I decided to look for something that would stimulate my creativity. I did interior design (which is something I like to be a hobby, I always do simple acquaintance projects) and a personal organizer course (I also worked with this a bit). I’ve been a hairdressing salesperson, a doctor’s office receptionist, I’ve sold frozen pizza to a business, I’ve worked with personalized party favors, candle making as well as debugging articles for ENEM!
What I don’t know, I’m curious to learn!
What I really love is communication, production and creativity!
I would like to emphasize: writing has always been central to my life. I write to vent, to fix content, to express myself, to spread ideas, to leave marks! And in all my projects, there was always a bit of writing!
I am currently taking courses to deepen my knowledge of content production and digital marketing, two areas essential to any business today.