June 25, 2022

Find out what the end of Fabricio Melgasso will be in Emporio

The identity of Fabrício Melgaço and the end of the character will be revealed in Império. The telenovela special edition is entering its final week and will reveal who is behind the plans to destroy José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero). In addition to revealing the mask, the villain will pay for his crimes.

What will be the end of Fabricio Mlegso in the telenovela Império?

The commander will discover the true identity of Fabrício Melgaço in the final part of Império. Lauren (Danny Barros) overheard a conversation between Jose Pedro (Cayo Platt) and Silviano (Othon Bastos) After the wedding of Cristina (Liandra Lyall), Império’s CFO assumes he’s the biggest villain in the story. She and Ishmael (Jonas Torres) tell the captain everything, including that Pedro’s costume had pink diamonds.

Jose Pedro assumes he is the villain. In the final episode, heir Morelio (Carmo della Vecchia) and Silviano (Othon Bastos) kidnap Cristina (Liandra Leal) and demand a fortune from the rich man to free the girl. Villains lure the Commander and Josue (Roberto Berndelli) to an abandoned shed and the characters clash. Morelio is distracted by Jose, and meanwhile, Alfredo’s costume shoots the living scientist, who falls dead. Angry at the death of his son, Silviano tries to hit the man in black, but is surprised by Joshua. The driver kills the butler.

Pedro was injured during the confrontation and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Jose Alfredo rushes to free Cristina from her ties. When the two are about to leave the scene, Caio Platt’s character manages to reach for the gun and shoot his father. Jose Alfredo is irresistible and dies.

In the end, Fabricio Melgaso/José Pedro is arrested for the murder of his father. Joao Lucas (Daniel Rocha) is responsible for the company and for continuing the legacy of the black man.

Jose Pedro (Cayo Platt) arrested after killing his father – Photo: Reproduction / Globo

The Império Special Edition will be broadcast Monday through Friday, at 9:30 PM Brasilia time. From November 8, the audience will follow A place in the sun novel.