December 9, 2023
Find out what to do with the nine horses

Find out what to do with the nine horses

Online challenges are usually interesting for various reasons: some people use them to pass the time, others to train their brain, and some use them to play with friends in WhatsApp groups. The truth is, this challenge is really complex and you’ll need to expose yourself to beat it, after all: How do you isolate 9 horses by two squares?

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This challenge has gone viral on the internet in recent weeks. And it’s clearly simple: the challenge is to separate the animals, but only in two squares.

Many people immediately give up, not having the patience to think about how to do the situation. But, knowing the answer, you will understand that it is easy and possible to achieve the expected result.

How to solve the horse logic challenge

To help solve, you need to determine the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe horses – which won’t necessarily be a square made out of the challenge. Faced with this limitation of space, the situation begins to become interesting. Since you need to isolate all the horizontally and vertically aligned animals, they cannot be paired up inside a box.

After defining the area, you will make two squares, one smaller, the animal centered in the middle and then a larger square diagonally, and you will succeed.

Check the quiz answer now

a a challenge It was created to force your thinking and make you think of solutions to solve an existing problem. Some people take a few minutes to get the answer. Others are a little more, but a satisfactory answer can still be obtained.

Network Challenge Fever

You are Online ChallengesLike the above, it has become a fever on social media lately. Some of them are very attractive, others not so much, but they are always fun and an option for people to train their mental abilities and thinking.

And it has something to suit all tastes: there are pictures hidden inside other pictures, others in mixed colors, and some with the aim of searching for a rationale for people.

If you’re not used to it, find out. Challenges are often interesting and increase your ability to solve important problems.