December 5, 2022
5 iOS 16 Settings You Need To Change To Boost Your iPhone

Find out what’s causing complaints with the iOS 16 update

The flaws in the app’s functionality are often annoying, but this time the problem seems to be more serious. The nineteenth of this month to An apple Confirmed an error from several complaints regarding the “copy and paste” functionality. Users have reported that when using the mechanism, the process constantly asks for permission, which interferes with pasting texts.

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formal letter

Obviously, this restriction on editing content should not have occurred and was a mistake by the developers. Senior Brand Manager, Ron Huang, said the team is preparing to get out of the predicament. Fortunately, iOS 16.1 setup will be released soon, along with a zoom boost feature that shows the percentage of battery remaining.

User dissatisfaction

As a leading performer in the smartphone segment, the public has high expectations for the hardware. This requirement relates to the amounts invested in the acquisition of a Iphone. In Brazil, for example, the price of the iPhone 14 starts at R$9,499.00 in official stores, apart from other peripherals, including headphones, cases, films, and chargers.

When will the update be?

Despite the constant posts cursing this issue, it seems that the fixes should take some time. The error has been identified and the copy and paste function is undergoing resets. There is no requirement for people who have updated to be able to use the action again, but those who have not updated iOS systemYou have the possibility to wait for the review to finish.

Brazilians express their anger on social media, but most of the negative comments come from Americans. Disappointed, they claim this situation is close to disrespect and they demand compensation. Anyone typing a lot of text and switching between apps needs to use the mechanism multiple times and the popup gets in the way of some tasks.