February 1, 2023
Find out when Arthur will leave the secret room and enter the house.  TV news

Find out when Arthur will leave the secret room and enter the house. TV news

when Arthur Agyar Will come out of the secret room of BBB 22? The actor was chosen by the public to take advantage of the false wall last Tuesday (5), and will remain 36 hours in the hidden room, according to director JP Oliveira, Ponino, on his social media. The actor, then, should go home Thursday afternoon (7).

“Arthur, enjoy these 36 hours of Big Boss. There are so many cards to play with! Everyone plays BBB. Wednesday has a party and everything that happened in this marathon. We don’t stop!” , the director posted on Twitter this morning.

Explanation of Tado Schmidt for a Camarote member He would be able to use seven powers during his stay. If you spend all the cards, you will have the right to watch the video of the moment of your wrong elimination.

So far, he’s sent coolant to his mates, cut the water and simulated indoor maintenance. It remains to send everyone to Xepa, awaken the house and a special force. The brother also receives an alert when someone is talking about him.

Back from the secret room

Aguiar has access to videos of what’s going on inside the reality show, but without the audio. He can only eavesdrop on conversations when he is using a card. The dynamic is similar to the fake wall of BBB 21, in which actress Carla Diaz participated.

Home video will be available to you all the time, but without the audio. You have several cards at your disposal, each one triggering something inside the house, each card can only be used once, when you play one, when you play one, you get the home audio To listen to it for a while. Delete it is a liar,” the presenter described.

Check out the moment below: