July 18, 2024

Find out where to get vaccinated against influenza and covid-19 this week in Recife

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Find out where to get vaccinated against influenza and covid-19 this week in Recife
Find out where to get vaccinated against influenza and covid-19 this week in Recife

Sixteen communities in the capital, Pernambuco, receive Vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza by Recife City Hall Between Monday (27) and Wednesday (30). In the morning (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) and in the afternoon (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM), the specialists of the Health Department in Recife will conduct an active search for the population within the profile to receive the first dose of the vaccine Or those who are within the deadline for the second dose, who have late doses or who can already take a booster dose, and for those who have not yet taken the flu vaccination this year.

Recife City Hall’s work began in August and has already visited 185 sites. This week, the beneficiary communities of the itinerant vaccination include: Areias, UR-02, Cohab, Dois Unidos, Arruda, Prado, Bongi, Alto José Bonifácio, Ibura, Dois Unidos and Campina do Barreto.

According to management, sites are selected based on occupation, vulnerability and difficult access criteria. During activities, Sesau teams register people for Conecta Recife and apply the dose at the same time, without having to make an appointment.

To receive the vaccination, residents must have a photo ID and proof of residence. Those who do not have proof of domicile or electoral address can use the self-residency permit, which was created specifically for this procedure.

Check the schedule:

Monday (7/12):

Community Villa Tamandari – Rua Dr. Gil Rodriguez dos Santos, 44 years old, Arias (Morning)

UR02 – Av. Santos, 170, Cohab – Maria’s Ballroom – Before Compesa Building (morning and afternoon)

Tuesday (12/28)

Córrego do Sargento – Córrego do Sargento, 02, Dois Unidos (Morning)

Beira Rio Residence – Rua das Mocas 450 Arroda – Landmark: Lava Jato do Evandro (afternoon)

Community of Berardo – 61 Via Antonio de Sa – Prado (Avenue Cana) – Association of Berardo residents (morning and afternoon)

Bongi Community – Rua Dona Maria Augusta Nogueira, 145, Bongi (morning)

Alto José Bonifácio – Rua Doutor Benevenuto Teles Neto, Alto José Bonifácio – José Bonifácio Residents Association (AM)

Promised Land – Rua José Brasileiro Vila Nova, s / n, Paz e Amor, Ibura – Galpão IFC (Morning)

Wednesday (12/29)

Córrego do Curió – Rua da Liberdade, Dois Unidos (Morning)

Campina do Barreto – Rua Griseirio, 17, Campina do Barreto – Point of reference: next to USF sister Terezinha (afternoon)

Alto do Mando Community – Rua Bakuri, 273 – Alto do Mando (morning)

The Crab Society – Rua Zeverino, 125 – Ilha do Retiro (morning)

Community of Villa São Miguel – Rua Abrigio Alves, 32 years old, Avogados. (Peace Mission Church) (Morning)

Camboriu community – Rua Camboriu, No. 149, Vasco da Gama – Population Association – Reference point: Baraka de Seu Niko (morning)

Três Carneiros Alto – Avenida Tiradentes, s / n, Três Carneiros Alto, Cohab – Clube de Mães (morning and afternoon)

Thursday (12/30):

Rua: Anita, 48, in the União block – Bairro da Macaxeira – Reference: Campo da União (morning and afternoon)

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