March 26, 2023

Find out which state has the most expensive gasoline in the country

Fuel prices fell for the second consecutive week in the country, encouraging drivers. However, the setbacks must stop, at least for petrol, as Petrobras raised the price of fuel last Wednesday (25).

According to a survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the country’s three main fuels became cheaper last week. It is worth noting that the National Ports Agency analyzes prices in more than 5,000 petrol stations in the country.

In the case of petrol, the value of a liter decreased by 1.19%, from R$5.04 to R$4.98. In short, the decline was driven by all Brazilian regions: South (-1.77%), Midwest (-1.63%), Southeast (-1.01%), Northeast (-0.97%) and North (-0.80%).

With this result added, the Average gas prices I reached the following levels:

  • Northeast: 5.13 Brazilian reals
  • South: BRL 5.00
  • North: R$4.99
  • Southeast: R$4.92
  • Midwest: R$4.83

It should be noted that the average production and import price, excluding taxes, was significantly lower across all regions. The values ​​ranged from R$3.09 in the southeast to R$3.26 in the north.

This shows the much higher amount that consumers have to pay to fill up their cars in the country. In short, there are other variables that influence the fuel values ​​at the pumps, such as taxes, fees, profit margins, and labor costs. And all this ends up to the final consumer.

Gasoline is still very expensive in the country

Last week, the price of gasoline fell in 22 out of 27 federal units (UF), with emphasis on Paraná (-4.04%), Goiás (-3.43%) and Piauí (-2.87%).

On the other hand, petrol became more expensive in only three states: Amapá (+0.44%), Mato Grosso do Sul (+0.21%) and Espírito Santo (+0.20%). In Amazonas and Roraima, fuel prices were stable compared to the previous week.

Although the average value of gasoline was less than $5 in the country, many places were above that level. By the way, there have been some states with values ​​higher than R$5.40, which makes life more difficult for drivers who need fuel.

See below for relevant countries High average gasoline prices:

  • Ciara: BRL 5.52
  • Bahia: 5.45 Brazilian reals
  • Roraima: 5.45 Brazilian reals
  • An acre: 5.26 Brazilian reals

On the other hand, sites with lowest values ​​in the countrythat helped drivers save a bit when refueling their cars:

  • Amapá: 4.60 Brazilian reals
  • Paraíba: 4.74 Brazilian reals
  • Maranhão: 4.75 Brazilian reals
  • Goiás: 4.78 Brazilian reals
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: BRL 4.79.00

In any case, the expectation is that petrol prices will rise across the country due to the readjustment promoted by Petrobras. In short, the company overcharged a liter of fuel due to a delay in international price parity (PPI).

In other words, the state-owned company was selling gasoline cheaper than the payments to import it. Thus, other importers could not sell the fuel, selling at prices commensurate with those abroad, while Petrobras sold cheaper.

The price of hydroethanol is declining in the week

In addition to gasoline, hydrated ethanol was cheaper last week. Namely, a decrease of 2.28% led to a decrease in the price per liter of biofuel from R$3.94 to R$3.85 in the country.

In short, the value decreased in all regions of the country, as well as in 17 UFs, with emphasis on Paraná (-4.22%), Goiás (-3.72%) and Mato Grosso (-3.05%).

Check out the states with High average prices of hydroethanol:

  • AMABA: BRL 5.32
  • Roraima: 4.85 Brazilian reals
  • Rio Grande do Sul: 4.72 Brazilian reals
  • Santa Catarina: 4.64 Brazilian reals
  • Rondonia: 4.62 Brazilian reals

On the other hand, places with lowest values ​​in the countrythat helped drivers save a bit when refueling their cars:

  • Mato Grosso: BRL 3.50
  • Goiás: 3.62 Brazilian reals
  • Paraiba: 3.74 Brazilian reals
  • Sao Paulo: 3.76 Brazilian reals
  • Minas Gerais: BRL 3.85

Diesel has a lighter drop

Finally, the diesel oil It also ended the third week of 2023 in the decline. In short, the most widely used fuel in the country became 0.62% cheaper, with the price per liter falling from R$6.46 to R$6.43.

Although the decline was the most timid, all Brazilian regions recorded a decline in their prices. Among the extracted units, 19 also sold cheaper diesel than in the previous week, mainly Amazonas (-2.07%) and Maranhao (-1.86%).

After these results, states with High average diesel prices She was:

  • Acre: 7.31 Brazilian reals
  • Roraima: 7.21 Brazilian reals
  • Rondonia: 7.13 Brazilian reals
  • AMABA: BRL 6.77
  • Para: 6.73 Brazilian reals
  • Mato Grosso: BRL 6.71

On the other hand, the places containing lowest values ​​in the country She was:

  • Holy Spirit: BRL 6.18.1
  • Minas Gerais: 6.23 Brazilian reals
  • Pernambuco: BRL 6.24
  • Tocantins: 6.24 Brazilian reals
  • Rio Grande do Sul: 6.26 Brazilian reals

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