July 20, 2024

Find out which villains will be in your pocket in 2022

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Find out which villains will be in your pocket in 2022
Find out which villains will be in your pocket in 2022

Last year, the country experienced Double digit inflation. Spontaneously, the shock of the pre-Real Madrid plan appeared in the memories of the Brazilians. The fear extended into the beginning of 2022, however, expectations indicated a modest increase in prices, which brought some relief.

though, Electricity related expensesIn the early months of the year, the rent tax, property tax and property tax should be a headache for families.


In the evaluation of the past Focus report from the Central Bank, As more than 100 economists make estimates of key economic indicators, the National Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) – the official regulator of inflation – is expected to rise 5.03% by the end of this year.

The report also shows that the electric bill, one of the major villains of the past year, must weigh on it again. Even with the water crisis under control, after the high amount of rain in November and December, the cost is supposed to remain high.

This is because the state is still paying the damage caused by the activation of thermal stations in the face of the worst drought in the past 91 years. This form of power generation is more expensive and also more polluting. As a result, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) stated that the average tariff adjustment on electricity bills in 2022 should be 21.04%.

The government has announced that it is considering measures to reduce the impact of the tariff in 2022. Currently, consumers are taxed under the banner of water scarcity, which comes at an additional cost of R$14.20 per 100 kWh.

Another major factor for Brazilians at the beginning of this year is rent. Driven by a strong increase in the General Price Index – Market (IGP-M) in 2021, contracts must be adjusted throughout the year. The index rose by 17.78%.

In addition, municipal councils across the country have already announced amendments to the Urban Property and Land Tax (IPTU). IPVA will also rise in 2022, driven by rising prices for new and used cars.


The direction of fuel prices will depend on the mood of the dollar and the variance in barrels of oil in the world, according to Petrobras pricing policy. The last adjustment was made in December, when the oil company fell by 3.13% in the price of gasoline, to change the cost to R$3.09.

In this economic field, the behavior of the government is also crucial. For example, when President Jair Bolsonaro (non-partisan) made undemocratic statements on the events of September 7, the exchange rate rose dramatically.

In an assessment the economists have heard before capital CitiesThere is extensive economic literature on the importance of inter-institutional harmony for the country’s financial and monetary stability, since, for the economy, uncertainty is a risk. This, in turn, represents higher interest rates, which hampers the consumer’s purchasing power, both to supply the car and to ensure the month’s market.

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