March 21, 2023
Find out who assumed the powers of a lantern this week

Find out who assumed the powers of a lantern this week

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11/20/2022 4:58 PMupdate in 11/20/2022 4:58 PM

Bystanders competed today in the trial by fire in the “farm 2022” (RecordTV) Petala, Krillin, and Andre come down to contest the powers of the Lantern.

The one who was better than Petala was the one who gained the powers of the lantern.

The booth was made up of losers Andre and Kerlin, and the two pushed Bea to take the last place in the booth.

According to the winner, the race had 5 spools, irons with a rope, and pedestrians had to run to untie the string on the bobbins. “There were five keys for you,” she said.

Strawberry got very emotional: “I prayed in the shower for her to win, just for the dirty trick. This is killing me, man,” the woman said.

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