December 3, 2022
Find out who deals the fatal blow to the villain at Pantanal TV News

Find out who deals the fatal blow to the villain at Pantanal TV News

Nor ladies (Giuliano Cazari), and La Zaccio (Silvo Pereira). Who will strike the final blow for Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) in the final week of the Pantanal will be Filho do Rio (Osmar Prado). The former butler will point the gun at the mustache, Broca’s mistress (Isabel Teixeira) will stick a spear in his chest, but, in the skin of an anaconda, the entity will pounce on Tenório, He will be killed once and for all And he’ll take you to the river on Globo at nine in the morning.

exterminate the crook Chapter 3 is scheduled to air next Monday.. The squatter will fall dead after being caught by surprise in the ambush of Alcides and Zaquieu. The opponent will wait for you to approach the watercourse to hit him with his spear and throw him at the piranhas.

However, before the villain notices that Alcides is armed with a spear, he asks them to fight with his hands, but he will draw his weapon. “Put that pistol aside… and face me like man! Giuliano Cazzari’s character will react.

Quickly, Zaquieu will save Alcides by pointing a gun at the ground picker. “One wrong move and I will kill you!” That’s what Zakuyo threatens next to his friend.

Tenório will do his best for the boy, shooting him in the chest. Punk, the farmer will insist on trampling the carioca. “I set my homophobe on fire,” the homophobic will scoff, laughing.

In a main blow, Alcides will strike the enemy with a spear, brutally piercing his chest. Tenório will fall bleeding, will be dragged into the water by Velho do Rio in the form of an anaconda and will be Your body has been eaten by piranhas. Zaquieu, in turn, will be able to recover from the shot.

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