August 18, 2022
Find out why Petrobras can cause a market shortage

Find out why Petrobras can cause a market shortage

Distributors warned of the danger of running out of fuel, following Petrobras’ announcement (Photo: José Cruz/Agência Brasil)

On Friday morning (15) before futures petroleum Closing in London at a high of 1% (R$84.84), the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom) posted a lag of R$0.48 and R$0.66 in liters gasoline NS diesel In relation to what is practiced in the reference international markets.

At the same time, information was circulated between distributors Petrobras (PETR4) on the reductions in fuel deliveries scheduled for November, as confirmed on the Brasilcom website, which represents them,

The state company may offer up to 50% less to some companies, due to problems with refining and booking crude oil imports, although it did not officially announce it in the circular.

When these two scenarios were bypassed, the alert about the risks of chain shortages was triggered, including what Brasilcom warned of ANNPBecause the conditions necessary to meet the needs of imported fuel are impractical.

What Abicom has also confirmed on other occasions for Money Times Its president, Sergio Araujo, reiterated this Sunday (17): “With the current prices practiced by national refineries, imports are useless.”

In addition to the state-owned company’s limited refining capacity, damming oil imports is also at risk, so that it doesn’t have to transfer it to prices at refineries, even if it hasn’t been blatantly moved in full since then. the beginning of the year. , says Araujo.

If the situation does not change, distributors will have to import directly at prices much higher than the domestic market, not to mention the lack of time, as October approaches.