Finished, the ice racing on lake Roxton

Finies, les courses sur glace sur le lac Roxton

There will not be ice racing on the lake Roxton this winter.

Jimmy Bérard, who was the promoter, explained that “various factors” have brought he and his partners to abandon the event. But in the end, it seems that the day was simply too expensive to arrange for what he or she reported, always financially-speaking.

“It was a heart-wrenching decision,” says Bérard. We looked at it as it should be, we weighed the pros and cons and we came to the conclusion that it was a lot of work and sub for not much, finally. I’m not saying that it is finished for ever, but it’s going to take major changes. “

According to Bérard, it is very difficult to control all the access to the lake Roxton, who is property of the municipality of Roxton Pond, and these are thousands of dollars that the organizers were losing to every year.

“Last year, we hired security guards for additional and was clamped 200 people who had managed to enter the site without paying. But in total, how many were able to attend the show without taking out a penny from their pockets ? One thing is certain, it is a lot of money which we glided between the hands. When you work hard for weeks, that you overlook your family during this time and that when you do the balance sheet, it remains for you only $ 1,000, it makes you think. “

The organizers have tested the waters on the side of the town hall, a question to see if the municipality could not give it an extra boost. Bérard will say that the municipal authorities ” did not seem interested to do more “.

Finies, les courses sur glace sur le lac Roxton

“It was a heart-wrenching decision,” promoter Jimmy Bérard.


“It’s okay, we understand that. But we do know that he would have had to put more money into security. At a given moment, our budget is not unlimited… “

Assistance in the average

The events of the series Eskape have been presented on the lake Roxton for four years. The audiences have varied from year to year, depending often of the weather. But the crowd of nearly 2000 people saw the first time, in 2015, has never been equalled subsequently.

“It was in the average compared to Beauharnois Berthierville and Lavaltrie, but the events in Berthierville and Lavaltrie are presented on a private lake, which makes things easier and helps to reduce costs. “

Bérard also abandoned the direction of the series Eskape Quebec, including the seasonal activities begin at the end of January to Lavaltrie and will stop again at the Grand Prix de Valcourt in February.

“I have a company in full expansion, and I have a young family. We are going to focus on other things for a bit. “

That said, Bérard, who has always been trade-nice with the media, he repeats that he has not finished forever with the ice racing in the region.

“If it can’t work to our liking on the lake Roxton, maybe it can work elsewhere. If people have a good idea, I am very parlable. I tell you, it was a very heart-wrenching… “

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