Finished the monopoly of Uber in Quebec

Fini le monopole d'Uber au Québec

EXCLUSIVE / Finished the monopoly of Uber. The government of Quebec opens a little wider the door to the transportation collaborative by allowing a second player, the co-op in quebec Eva, to succeed in this market.

The Sun has learned that the government Legault comes to modify the pilot project signed with Uber in 2016 to add an agreement with the co-op Eva. The young shoot in quebec will therefore be able to compete with the american giant, in which it is allowed to offer the car in the markets of Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau.

The company was founded in 2017 by Raphael Gaudreault, of Saguenay, and Dardan Isufi, of Granby, has been trying for several months to obtain the right to establish themselves in Québec. In an interview granted to The Voice of the East last summer, Mr. Isufi said, he wished to “deconstruct” the monopoly of Uber in Quebec. He denounced the pilot project for 2016, which has been renewed in 2017 and in 2018 — which prevented, according to him, any competition in the world of transportation collaborative.

Eva works in much the same way that Uber. Passengers sign up as members and to report through a mobile application to their transport needs.

The difference with Uber is that the profits of this economy of sharing remain in the community, where took place the transactions. Eva asked the drivers to pay him 15 % of the price of the ride, while Uber takes 25 %, and Eva has no central office that sees and stores the data of the users. The co-founders Isufi and Gaudreault have used the technology of the chain of blocks to ensure that transmission of information is seamless and secure among the users.

Bonnardel impressed

When he was in opposition, the caquiste François Bonnardel had delivered him-even the application of Eva to the ex-minister of Transport André Fortin. It considered its business model, “impressive” and are impatient to see the government recognize its potential. Now that he is at the controls as the minister of Transport, Mr. Bonnardel was, obviously, move the folder.

The conditions required for that Eva can do business in Quebec are slightly different from those of Uber. The department of Transport require that Eva pays him between $ 1.17 to $ and usd $ 1.53 per race, as opposed to royalties ranging between 0.90 and $ 1.26 and $ for Uber. Is that Uber must pay a down-payment quarterly $ 1.1 million to the government of Quebec, while to Eva, who is a young start-up company, the deposit will be of 100 000 $ every three months.

For the rest, the two companies will have to follow the same rules. The government requires that drivers be trained, that their criminal records are checked, that the mechanics of their vehicles is consistent and that these vehicles are well identified.

For the time, Eva will only be able to gain a foothold in the three major cities where Uber (Montreal, Quebec city and Gatineau), although its longer-term goal is to get out of the major centres and offer a transport solution to more small cities in Quebec.

Since he is in power, the government Legault has turned off the lights in the world of the taxi and transportation collaborative by continuing to play all the pilot projects that had been authorized by the former liberal government.

The minister Bonnardel board now on an overall modernization of the taxi industry, which would allow for equity between all the players, whether it be conventional taxis, electric taxis, or the mobile applications for the transport of people. The hope is to come up with a global solution within about a year.

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