June 25, 2022
Fiocruz receives three batches of inputs to manufacture a vaccine against Covid-19

Fiocruz receives three batches of inputs to manufacture a vaccine against Covid-19

a Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Vuecruz) On Sunday (31st), they received three batches of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (IFA) for the manufacture of a vaccine against Covid-19. The inputs arriving at Rio de Janeiro International Airport should allow the production of 17.4 million doses of the pharmaceutical company’s vaccine AstraZeneca.

The delivery comes on top of two other batches that arrived at the Institute of Technology in Immunology (Bio-Manguinhos) on Friday night (29).

In addition to these five groups, Fiocruz has already received four more payments in October, which has had a record of sending IFAs since it began delivering inputs in February.

The arrival of five payments within two days is the result of a negotiation process between Fiocruz and AstraZeneca to expedite the receipt of inputs. The institution states that the goal is to ensure continuity of production, as well as to enable Bio-Manguinhos / Fiocruz to operate at its full production capacity.

27.2 million doses

With these five batches, it will be possible to produce 27.2 million doses of the vaccine. In addition, 15.3 million doses are under production and quality control at Bio-Manguinhos, with a total of 42.5 million doses to be delivered by December 20.

Since the start of production, Fiocruz has already released 121 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the National Immunization Program (PNI), which is 40.2% of the doses applied in Brazil, according to Localiza SUS. CoronaVac (29.4%), Pfizer (28.6%) and Janssen (1.8%) complete the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Brazil.