Fire in Bike World: the electrical wiring in question

Incendie chez Vélo Monde: le filage électrique en cause

Trade sale and repair of bicycle, Bicycle World, and a dwelling were damaged by a fire of electrical origin, Friday, at Granby. Fortunately, the two occupants were alerted by the smoke alarm and were uninjured.

One of the occupants of the dwelling located above the commerce of the rue Saint-Antoine South was pulled out of bed around 3: 15 a.m., in the night from Thursday to Friday, when the smoke alarm was triggered.

“There was smoke which began to enter into the housing,” explains Simon Boutin, director of the fire Department in Granby.

Tenants were immediately evacuated their apartment and alerted the emergency services. The arrival of the fire, flames were visible in a hangar that is related to the trade, at the rear of the building.

After about an hour of work, the twenty or so fire was able to extinguish the blaze. “It took hard work to extinguish the last small hot spots,” explains the director Boutin.

The firefighters are finally returned to the barracks a little more than three hours after the start of the fire. The electrical wiring would be involved in the blaze which caused damage estimated at $ 15,000. A cleaning is required to remove the traces of soot and the damage caused by the flames and the water used to douse the blaze.

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