December 3, 2022
Firefox 95 ships with improved performance and enhanced security

Firefox 95 ships with improved performance and enhanced security

Firefox has been updated to version 95 this Tuesday (7). The release introduces minor improvements in terms of usability, with browser security enhanced against threats from external libraries and a lighter in-software for macOS.

One of the main new features of Firefox 95 is the introduction of RLBox, an integrated protection mechanism that protects the browser from external vulnerabilities coming from libraries. The engine uses the WebAssembly pattern to isolate problematic code and thus prevent defects in it from affecting program integrity.

Firefox 95 enhances browser security against external threats and makes software lighter on macOS (Image: Press release/Mozilla)

This mechanism furthers isolates the already existing Firefox process, bypassing more aggressive data theft attempts across the web. The technology puts another layer of protection in data processing, “cleaning up” powerful intrusion tools.

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Firefox is lighter on macOS

Second, the fact that Firefox 95 is lighter than previous versions. This optimization should be the result of optimizing internal browser operations, improving performance on macOS and WindowServer, and is a component of a system An apple.

In the same sense, there have also been improvements to the video decoding system via software. Videos loaded in the browser and played in full screen should consume less battery on macOS devices, increasing battery life for watching movies and TV series. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Download via Microsoft Store

Firefox can be downloaded on Windows 11 and Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store – now officially. The update secures the distribution of the MS OS App Store, significantly easing browser dependency.

Firefox is available for direct download from the Microsoft Store (Photo: Playback/Mozilla)

The presence of the program in the store First seen in november. A debut on the MS Store won’t have any immediate effects on the browser’s popularity, but in the long run, it could help Firefox speed up the race for The third most popular browser in the world.

How to download Firefox 95?

The update, as always, is gradually distributed among users. Fox Browser should appear with the new version on your computer as soon as it is available for download, but if you want to speed up the process, a clean installation of the program can actually put the new version on your computer – Download Firefox from the Mozilla website.

Source: Mozilla