October 1, 2022
First case of monkeypox confirmed in Santa Maria

First case of monkeypox confirmed in Santa Maria

Photo: World Health Organization (disclosure)

Last Friday (26th), it was confirmed Positive diagnosis of monkeypox patient (monkeypox) in Santa Maria. The information was published by the City of Santa Maria, through Health Surveillance, on Saturday afternoon (27).

The positive case is a Male, 49 years old،, whose symptoms began on August 14, when he sought a private health unit to present her rash. He performed the collection of biological material on August 22, after confirming the diagnosis of smallpox on August 26.

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a The patient is stableIn isolation where he resides. According to the man’s account, he communicated with someone who traveled to a place with him community pollution for smallpox disease. People close to him are asymptomatic and are under observation. The state has already been notified of the case.

Until last Thursday (25), Three suspected cases It was disposed of in Santa Maria.

The city government stressed in a statement that residents should be aware of this symptoms as such Fever, severe headache, back pain, swollen lymph nodes (neck, armpit, or groin), or skin lesions, especially on the face and extremities. In such cases, patients should look for Health Unit from ref or Emergency services.

With information from the municipality of Santa Maria