February 1, 2023
Five concepts that need to be reviewed after the Qatar World Cup - 12/19/2022

Five concepts that need to be reviewed after the Qatar World Cup – 12/19/2022

With the Qatar Cup over, it is time to analyze world football, including the Brazilian national team, in light of the new reality that the competition is showing. Check out five must-review concepts after the World Cup, in this columnist’s opinion.
1 – The South Americans will never win a World Cup again

Argentina’s victory, on penalties, over France in the final in Qatar quashed a widely held theory that a South American team might never be world champions again.

Before Argentina’s victory, the last conquest of South America was with Brazil in 2002. Since then, only Europeans have won.

Field team led Messi Show that Europeans are not far off.

Selections from other continents prove that Europeans are not immune. Morocco qualified first in a group with Croatia and Belgium. Subsequently, he eliminated Spain and Portugal in the knockout rounds. The Belgians did not qualify for the round of 16.

In turn, Germany lost to Japan and was eliminated in the group stage. The Japanese also beat the Spaniards and took first place in brackets.

2 – Is CR7 bigger than Messi?

Historically, the debate over who is the greatest player of the past decades has led to an equal dispute between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo🇧🇷

In Qatar, Libra is off. At the age of 35, Messi was elected the best player in the World Cup, lifted the Champion’s Cup and beat the 23-year-old superstar Mbappe.

In turn, CR7 finished the World Cup with the reserves of the Portuguese national team, which was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

3 – Neymar better for the world?

The World Cup in Qatar gave a shock of reality to those who thought Neymar would be the face of the trophy and could end the year as the best in the world.

The Brazilian star scored one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament, against Croatia, but did not avoid the elimination of the club Brazilian national team in the quarter finals.

The final between France and Argentina measured the huge distance separating the former Santos player from his Paris Saint-Germain teammates, Messi and Mbappe, who put on a show in the decision.
The trophy made it pointless to put Neymar on the list of favorites for the best player in the world at the moment.

4 – Was Tite’s work in the Brazilian national team impressive?

Before the start of the World Cup, Tite achieved public and critical success as coach of the Brazilian national team.

Brazil’s qualifying tour and victories in friendly matches justify the stamp of excellence in Tite’s work.

However, Brazil’s poor performance in the World Cup deteriorated Tite’s standing.

He left Qatar, wondering about team decisions, formations, substitutions, and arranging penalty kicks against Croatia. Neymar, the main Brazilian kicker, did not even beat him. Brazil was eliminated first.

The cup showed us that Tite did not do as consistent as Lionel Scaloni (Argentina), Deschamps (France), Regraghi (Morocco), Zlato Dalic (Croatia) and Southgate (England).

The 2022 World Cup forces us to make a new analysis of Tite’s performance in the national team. It is not positive for the coach.

5- Nobody has players as good as Brazil

A popular thesis in the past advocated that only Brazil would be able to put together two teams capable of fighting for the title at the World Cup.

In addition to confirming the decline of Brazilian football, the Qatar Cup Show that whoever has the potential to put together two rival teams today is France.

Despite a series of embezzles, including such big names as Benzema, the French fought for the title and ended up with the championship.

At the same time, the Brazilian national team fell in the quarter-finals, against Croatia, as it played with two players outside their original position on the wings.
Tete’s reserves lost to Cameroon at the end of the first stage, killing once and for all the idea of ​​Brazil being able to field two strong teams.