September 24, 2023
Five points from the report on the plane crash in China may reveal the reasons for "diving" in the air |  Globalism

Five points from the report on the plane crash in China may reveal the reasons for “diving” in the air | Globalism

The document – which the airline’s home country is required to provide for up to 30 days after the crash – has not yet indicated the possible causes of the crash, which has sparked the interest of experts and authorities on the topic around the world. In just over three minutes, the plane plunged about 8000 meters and landed completely vertically in a mountainous area, leaving a crater three meters deep.

In the report, investigators claimed that the black boxes were still badly damaged, so the contents actually extracted from them were not released – only they were sent to Washington for further analysis. However, Some of the clues revealed in the document may help unravel the case, one of the biggest mysteries in the world of aviation today..

  • Pilots and all crew members failed to respond to flight controllers shortly after the first altitude landing
  • Trip Team Qualified
  • The plane was up to maintenance.
  • Weather conditions were good
  • There were no objects inside the plane that could be dangerous.

Video showing the moment a plane crashed in China

Video showing the moment a plane crashed in China

The report confirmed what the observers had claimed when the plane crashed. The head of the Accident Investigation Center, Mao Yanfeng, said at a press conference days after the accident that the monitors had been in contact with the plane throughout the plane’s normal flight. However, ground records determined that communication with the Boeing 737-800 was interrupted by the time the first sudden loss of altitude was recorded.

The report confirms the air traffic controllers’ account that the loss of communication occurred because the pilots stopped responding to the control tower. One of the two black boxes, which records the dialogue between the two parties, may shed light on why this response did not occur, but the report does not say whether this audio was actually extracted from the black box.

However, the partial conclusions negate the hypotheses regarding the crew’s preparation on board the ship by saying that the crew is qualified. The document also ignores the possibility of technical malfunctions in the aircraft and its maintenance, noting that it was up-to-date. The Plane, Boeing 737-800, operated for six years and has a good flight safety record.

Weather conditions were also not a problem for the flight, according to the report, which rules out the possibility that the pilots, due to some turbulence, would attempt to land at a very high altitude, causing them to lose control of the aircraft. .

Possible indications that human factors were left open after the partial conclusions disclosed in the report. The document did not mention any movement other than passengers, but says that there was nothing on board inside the aircraft that could pose a risk.

There is still no deadline for the full completion of the investigation, but experts estimate that this should not happen a year before the crash, which occurred at the end of March this year.

“The investigation will take at least a year,” Chinese aviation expert Li Xiaojin told Reuters news agency. For him, preliminary conclusions indicate that there is no problem with flight procedures.