September 24, 2023
Fla helps, but Atlético-MG needs to improve for Libertadores

Fla helps, but Atlético-MG needs to improve for Libertadores

in seven rounds Atletico MG Dropped from runner-up to seventh place in BrazilianHe saw that the possibility of becoming a hero practically ended and the only thing left was to fight for the spot in Editors 2023 as a target. With only one victory in the tournament’s last seven matches, Gallo saw the competitors open up. But the help from the flamingo can make the work of the mining club easier, as long as it improves the use, starting on Sunday, for Atlético joat Antonio Accioli Stadium, in Goiania, at 6 pm, for the twenty-fifth round.

The number of places in the continental championship can increase depending on who wins the Copa del Rey and the current Libertadores titles. Since Flamengo are practically playing in the Brazilian Cup final, where they beat Sao Paulo 3-1, in the first leg, in Morumbi, and also put their foot in the Libertadores decision by taking a 4-0 lead over Velez Sarsfield, in Argentina, it is very likely that For the 2022 Brazilian edition, at least the top eight places in the next edition Editor’s Cup.

After all, in addition to Robro Negro, the teams qualified for the semi-finals are clubs in good standing in Brazil. The other leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final is Corinthians And Fluminense, two of the clubs in the G4, while in the Libertadores, the other vacancy in the decision will be between Palmeiras and Atlético-PR, who are top and sixth in the Brazilian, respectively.

According to the odds website at football, The chance of playing Atlético-MG in the next edition in Libertadores is only 7.4%, within the scenario with six places, four of which are direct to the group stage. Once Flamengo reach the cup finals, Atletico’s odds will increase exponentially.

However, the team led by Kuka needs to fight back in the competition. Since returning to Cidade do Gallo, the Brazilian coach has won the Brazilian champion and the Copa del Rey last year only once. In the rankings with only home matches, in the last five rounds, Atlético scored just four pointsless than Atletico Joe, tonight’s rival and who are in the relegation zone.

In a season when the athlete’s expectations were so high, after winning titles in 2021, being in the group stage of the Libertadores was the only solace left.

“Of course, our desire is to fight for the title, we are the current champions, and today we have a 1% chance. Today our main focus is to win again, go back to G4 and put the club in another Libertadores. We know how great it is to be a Libertadores champion. Wherever we go here In the club, there are pictures from 2013,” said goalkeeper Iverson.

data sheet:


Competition: Twenty-fifth round of the Brazilian Championship
date and time: September 4, 2022 (Sunday), 18:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Antonio Accioli, in Goiania (GO)
Rule: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (FIfa/SP)
Auxiliaries: Alex Ange Ribeiro (SP) and Fabrini Bevilacqua Costa (FIFA / SP)
Video Assistant Referee: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA/SP)

ATHLETIC-GO: Renan. Dudu, Anderson, Klaus, and Jefferson; Barallas, Willian Maranhão, Marlon Freitas and Jorginho; Luis Fernando (Wellington Rato) and Chorin. Technical: Eduardo Baptista

ATLETIC-MG: Iverson. Mariano, Nathan Silva, Kimerson (River), and Guilherme Arana; Gayer and Nacho Wizarshaw; Ademir (Pavon), Hulk and Keno. Technical: Coca