June 7, 2023
Flag of Lula, Gilles de Vigor and Marcia Pantera;  Yesterday

Flag of Lula, Gilles de Vigor and Marcia Pantera; Yesterday

São Paulo Fashion Week has come to an end for the N53 edition on Saturday night (4) and one of the highlights of the last day was the newcomer on the physical platforms, LED.

The collection, led by designer Célio Dias in Minas Gerais, was presented by many celebrities in Komplexo Tempo, in the eastern region of São Paulo: such as singer Mateus Carilho and former BBBs, such as Marie Gonzalez, Tice Braz and Gil de Vigor.

The economist, who already participated worry Earlier through posts on Instagram, he featured a piece written on the box with the words “Bicha Vigorosa” – a pride Célio Dias, of LED, has always represented through his non-sexual brand.


Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

LED |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite


Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

In its head-to-head debut, the collection titled “Sinto Tanto” brought a miner’s perspective on his feelings, his strengths and his past relationships.

“I’m sorry” was the nicest way to be able to talk about the pain. As a good whale and an enthusiast for people, disappointments have always taken me to sad places. This time, I decided to put it all together and take my feelings for it, share it with everyone I’ve lived through, and play this collection for the world.” Account.

The pieces are developed from natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk and viscose, combined with technological fabrics, allowing for exclusive forms.

Crochet, already a LED brand, has taken on new possibilities and importance with unusual fringes and shapes. Building fashion images that bear the Minas Gerais genetic traits of the brand and disrespectful traits.

At the end of the show, Celio appeared on the podium and, even more clearly than Joao Pimenta on the fourth day of SPFW, raised the flag of former President Lula.

Designer Celio Dias, the name behind the LED brand, with presidential candidate Lula's flag at the end of the show - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Designer Célio Dias, the name behind the LED brand, with the flag of presidential candidate Lula at the end of the show

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Isaac Silva

Isaac Silva, who was responsible for the last show presented at SPFW N53, had created a collection in honor of Marcia Pantera, the drag queen who pioneered split hair and a brilliant artist for São Paulo nightlife, uniting the art of drag with Eartha Kit, the first woman black cat

Isaac said, in an interview with him ourturned the message he wanted to convey in the garments presented–which dealt both ends, from white, with stitching, to black, found in velvet fabrics.

Models appeared in luxurious pieces, full of gloss, and the highlight was a mass of 7 looks produced from a sustainable and innovative fabric, made from hemp, the result of a partnership with Brazilian multinational Vicunha. fiber It is a type of cannabis sativaIt is durable, breathable, antibacterial, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic, in addition to being one of the least environmentally friendly cultures.

Political and social content, always present in Isaac’s collections, was also present at the homage, which was attended by names such as Thelma Assis, Thaynara OG, Icaro Silva, Preta Ferreira and Erika Hilton, among others. “Parade is the best way to show our art of dressing, of making clothes. As long as I can march, I will, but with all the care I can.”

Isaac Silva mod board for the group "Tiger" - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Moodboard Isaac Silva for the “Panterona” collection

Photo: personal archive

About being the name responsible for closing this edition, Silva says: “Being able to close Fashion Week is showing that all the brands are going well. And we’re certainly contributing to a new style: diversity, sustainability and love.”


Nyriaj |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Nyriaj | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Nyriaj |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia /agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia /agfotosite

Nyriaj | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia/agfotosite

In the summer of 2023, Neriage spoke about the stops and images that were produced over time, using the sea as a reference for the images.

Brazilian actress Alice Braga was invited to represent this partnership. “I believe that time is the lord of life, and destiny. We often live either in the past or in the future, in what could have been or what will remain. We always want more time.”

The collection features a gradation of colors from sand and gold to red and blue, hinting at the luminosity of stars with Swarovski crystals, the textures of fishing nets and various types of linen, silk satin and our classic pleats.

basic spirit

basic spirit |  SPFW N53 - Henrique Rezende - Henrique Rezende

basic spirit | SPFW N53

Photo: Henrique Rezende

The group continues to bet on recycling using textile waste from industry, in partnership with Capricórnio Têxtil, recycling vintage pieces with contemporary tailoring that carries the brand’s DNA, oversized shapes, and eco-fabrics with low environmental impact.

Weider Silver

Weider Silveiro |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Weider Silveiro | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Weider Silveiro |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Weider Silveiro | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Womanizer is an English word used to refer to the subjugation of men, but Weider Silveiro corrupts the term to name the group starring in the fashion designer’s third participation in São Paulo Fashion Week, the second of its kind in person.

“The group is called a womanizer because I am definitely a womanizer, regardless of the sexual connotation of course. I admire the female character,” explains Weider.

References in the designer’s repertoire range from the Hellenic aesthetics, guiding the visual culture of the West since ancient Greece, to current dress codes, influenced by current behavioral trends, to constructing practical, urban and above all feminine clothing.

Elements that define Weider Silveiro’s brand identity, such as floral prints, stitching and pleats, show the constant evolution of the designer’s aesthetics and are gaining more contemporary appeal this season.

A to Z Marias

Az Marias |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Az Marias | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Az Marias |  SPFW N53 - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite - Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

Az Marias | SPFW N53

Photo: Marcelo Sobhia / @agfotosite

At her third show at SPFW, stylist and fashion designer Cynthia Felix spared no references to her “O Futuro é Ancestral” collection.

At the same time that the pieces on display are made from fabrics that value quality and technology (see details in the attached table), aiming to preserve the environment through the durability of the piece and the control of the production chain, references to fashion and creation are minimal, with an emphasis on proportions.

“In terms of production, each of our pieces is handcrafted, with perfect seams, which will also last for a long time. All this adds value to the brand, to the product and makes it timeless,” says the designer.

“This is a mixed bag, but more than just offering women’s or men’s pieces, we focus on real bodies, the sizes and shapes of the Brazilian population,” Cintia adds.

from pedro

Depedro |  SPFW N53 - Saulo Rocha - Saulo Rocha

Depedro | SPFW N53

Photo: Saulo Rocha

Called Audaz: A Journey Through Sertão, the collection features DEPEDRO brand crochet mixed with linen and sustainable viscose made from banana peel.

“Audaz symbolizes this strange story behind the first voyage in the outback, which caused great astonishment among the people and made news in the newspapers. It was a historical fact of our region and that is why I invited the plastic artist and native of Mocó, now a California resident and author of naive works with a popular touch, to tell this The story is through Our Arts Junction,” says Marcos Figueiredo, Creative Director of DEPEDRO.

Mother’s Hand Workshop

Mother's Hand Operator |  SPFW N53 - Edgar Azevedo - Edgar Azevedo

Mother’s Hand Operator | SPFW N53

Photo: Edgar Azevedo

São Paulo Fashion Week veteran Ateliê Mãoe de Mãe has presented its new collection inspired by the Maragogipinho community located in Recôncavo Baiano.

The region is one of the largest centers of Brazilian handicrafts and the group pays tribute to this production chain that lives on from the handicrafts, as well as the brand that brings crochet as a cool feature.

Made of 100% cotton and natural motifs, the pieces, developed by creative directors Patrick Fortuna and Vinicius Santana, bring crochet techniques that refer to the region’s handicrafts, such as pottery paintings and Tabatinga flowers, as well as crochet-on-crochet embroidery. Some pieces take up to 18 days to complete – giving the pieces a more detailed and valuable touch.

Among the more than 25 looks presented, a palette of colors for all hours of the day, in jackets, skirts, shorts, dresses and crochet coats that recall the 1940s, with shapes organized in a blend of textures and impeccable modeling.