November 28, 2023

Flamengo decided to hire Mateus Uribe because of the similarities between Vitor Pereira and Paulo Souza. Fahm – Flamingo – News and game of Flamingo

Flamengo have reached an agreement with Matheus Uribe and are awaiting his release from Porto (POR)

Flamengo is still looking for reinforcements for some sectors of the field. While Vitor Pereira was waiting for a defensive midfielder to arrive, Robro Negro tried to negotiate with Mateus Uribe. Now, there are a few details that “prevent” the close with an athlete from Porto (POR). Fla’s desire for the Colombian can be explained by the similarities between the working styles of the current captain of Mais Querido and Paulo Sousa.

According to journalist André Rocha, both Portuguese players choose to include in their team, athletes who practice the “box-to-box” function, who play from area to area. Essential in the style of Vitor Pereira, the midfielder in front of the defence. Full-backs or wingers ‘rise’ into the offensive sector, striving to create space and depth for passes; Already the members of the attack are trying to scout the back of the opposing midfielders. With that, the team starts the ball with three defenders, which is something like a 3-4-2-1.

Then the parallels with Paulo Souza’s method of acting emerge. The former Flamengo coach preferred “full” socks. With possession of the ball, the athletes will have to assist in the beginning of the plays. Already without the field, the players would back off or, in some cases, would pressure the opponent who was under the control of the “pella”. With this, the Portuguese appreciate dynamic defensive midfielders, who give rhythm to the attack, with good finishing touches and who distribute the game.

Then interest arises in Mateus Uribe. Among Flamengo’s players: Arturo Vidal has the age factor that weighs against him, Gerson is not a player of reference when it comes to the rhythm of the game, Thiago Maia is slow in the distribution phase of the ball, Erik Polgar is an intense defensive midfielder and Igor Jesus is ‘too young’ to take over Fly midfield center.

It should be noted that the recruitment of Mateus Uribe is only dependent on a few factors. Flamengo has already reached an agreement with the midfielder and has overcome all the financial barriers that “stopped” the deal. Now Rubro Negro is waiting for Porto to release the athlete in advance, otherwise he will be able to count on reinforcements only in July. Finally, Uribe’s wife has not yet decided whether to change the environment and live in Rio de Janeiro. After “solving” these issues, the Colombian gets a free pass to go to Mais Querido.