May 31, 2023
Flamengo defeats Minas for the third time, sweeps the opponent and goes to the English Premier League final |  Noticeable

Flamengo defeats Minas for the third time, sweeps the opponent and goes to the English Premier League final | Noticeable

One of the main threats to Flamengo’s dominance in Novo Basket Brasil (NBB), Minas was no match for coach Gustavo de Conte’s side. After opening 2-0 in the best five series, Robro Negro visited the contender for the second time in a row and won by 91-80. With the win, the seven-time NBB champion spends Minas Gerais – the hangman on three occasions this season – and advances to the final with a “sweep”.

Flamengo are now waiting for the winner from Franca x Sao Paulo, who will play the other semi-finals. The indoor team leads the series at a ratio of 2 to 1, and the next showdown will take place on Saturday, at 16:10, in Franca.

Faverani and Mineiro cheering for a flamingo basket – Photo: Helena Petri / CRF

With 18 points, Robinson shared the top scorer in the match with Gui Deodato, from Minas. American Dar Tucker was the second-best scorer in the game with 16, two points behind his rivals Miller and Johnson Sr. Another player with an important participation that night was the red-and-white Faverani, who scored 13 goals.

The first quarter started with Minas up front and Flamengo turned 5-2 in less than two minutes. But in the sequence, Minas Gerais began to establish itself, opening four points ahead – 9 to 5 – on three balls by Johnson Sr. Confident in himself, Johnson Sr. himself made it to 11 to 9. With his offensive actions fending off very well, Flamengo saw Mikey and extended to 23 to 12, on the eighth. Robro-Negro responded only in the final minutes of the first quarter, with the right to pick up three pointers from Dar Tucker in the final show, scoring the partial score at 25-19 for the home team.

Flamengo returned to the second half in full swing. Iago opened the scoring with three balls, and after a minute GB Batista reduced the score to 25-24. In the second, Tucker went to the stairs and turned it to 26-25, forcing coach Leo Costa to stop the match. The reprimand worked, and Minas turned 31 to 28. But Flamengo responded in the sequence, returning to lead the scoreboard after two free throws around Faverani. The home team felt controlled. In the eighth, Faverani scored 43 for 36. Managing the score well, Flamengo went to win in the first half with a score of 47 for 38.

Balbi tries the pitch for Flamengo – Photo: Helena Petri / Flamengo

Dar Tucker scored the first points of the third quarter with three indicators. Drossi, Minas scored only in the third minute, when Miller reduced it to 52-40. On the fourth, Robinson was fouled and converted all three free throws, making it 58-43. With inspiration, Robinson fired to three in the next minute and widened to 61 for 44. With Miller and Joey Diodato well ahead in the match, Minas tried a fresh reaction, but Balbi tried to calm him down by scoring 64 to 48 in nine. In the final seconds of the fourth, Robinson still scored three more goals, making it 67 to 50. There was still plenty of time for Johnson Sr. to score another two goals for Minas, but nothing was able to change the perspective of the game.

Minas played their full game this season, and Minas returned to a more attentive final quarter, dropping to 67-55 in two minutes. The Flamengo scored all three in Faverani’s pin only. But gradually, coach Gustavo de Conte’s team resumed the best basketball player, and in the fourth, Balbi scored 71 to 57. After one minute, Dar Tucker scored 73 to 60. Without the strength to respond, Minas saw the opponent open 75 to 63 in a basket from Olivinha Three minutes after the end. Since then, it was only up to Flamengo to control the match until a 91-80 win was confirmed.

Iago takes a free throw to Flamengo – Photo: Helena Petri / Flamengo

Mines: Guy Deodato, Alexey, Miller, Johnson Sr and Renan. Enter: Gui Santos, Maique, and Corvalán. Coach: Leo Costa.

flamingo: Iago, Rafael Rachel, Martinez, Mineiro and Faverani. Enter: Balbi, JP Batista, Robinson, Olivinha, and Dar Tucker. Coach: Gustavo de Conte.