December 1, 2023
Flamengo go to Braga to fulfill Carvalhal's agenda and set up an extension to Jorge Jesus' waiting position |  flamingo

Flamengo go to Braga to fulfill Carvalhal’s agenda and set up an extension to Jorge Jesus’ waiting position | flamingo

Flamengo will start the road in Portugal to follow up on their contact schedule with the new coach and take the time to wait for the position of Jorge Jesus.

With the derby between Benfica and Porto being crucial for the master on Thursday, Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel will travel by three-hour drive to Braga to occupy on Wednesday and speak face-to-face with local club managers and with Carlos Carvalhal. The coach is an option alongside Paulo Sousa if JJ’s return opportunities run out.

Marcos Braz with Bruno Spindel at Flamengo training in Porto Alegre – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The Robro-Negro leaders have also scheduled a chat with Antonio Salvador, President of Sporting Braga, and they will visit the club’s facilities. Carvalal is Flamengo’s long-standing desire, which sees it as coherent to resume contacts after frustrating negotiations in 2020. However, the candidate is no longer the absolute favourite.

Praz and Spindel were very impressed with the meeting with Paulo Sousa, last Sunday, and saw the captain of the Polish national team as a great candidate for the job. Flamengo were already aware of Inter’s interest, but are aware that there will be no auction should the former midfielder decide to fill the position for Renato Gaucho.

Meet Carlos Carvalal, Braga coach surveyed by Flamengo

Meet Carlos Carvalal, Braga coach surveyed by Flamengo

Everything, in turn, passes through the site of Jorge Jesus. With the derby match against Porto, in the Portuguese Cup, on Thursday, in Estádio do Dragão, El-Sayed rejected the match opportunity to avoid conflicts of interest and noise in the local press. However, contacts were limited to businessman Bruno Macedo.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel are scheduled to return to Brazil on Thursday, the 23rd, but they will only decide what to do on Wednesday night. There are good chances to extend their stay on Portuguese soil with the renewal of the schedule: wait for Porto x Benfica, meet with JJ and make a decision so that he will return, whenever he is, or with the new coach.

Flamengo arrives on the fourth day of his visit to Portugal and the funnel narrows: Jorge Jesus is the dream, Paulo Sousa is the most vivid and amusing, Carlos Carvalal runs the race like an old courtship.

* Collaboration by Evan Rob