August 18, 2022
Flamengo hold a behind-the-scenes meeting and announce Pedro's future in 2022: "It's decided"

Flamengo hold a behind-the-scenes meeting and announce Pedro’s future in 2022: “It’s decided”


The Rubro-Negra board highlighted that it is not open to attacker negotiation, accepting player termination fine only.

- The council also confirmed that Pedro said he wanted to stay
© Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF– The council also confirmed that Pedro said he wanted to stay

a Palm trees Made an informal proposal by Pedro Di 20 million eurosabout 110 million Brazilian riyals at the current price, but flamingo Not even open negotiations to sell the player. According to the site information ‘the scientist’, the harassment by the attacker led to different behaviors in both teams. a flamingo Refused to attack with no movement of the player who showed his desire to play in Alverady.

The Commission black red Does not care about the possibility Pedro expelled from the club. The report also stated that the board of directors flamingo It did not stipulate any value for the counter-proposal, referring only to a fine 100 million euros As the only amount to be released. The portal also highlighted that even the manager pointed out the value of 60 million eurosjust to indicate that there will be no work.

the team black red distracts 14 million euros for every Pedro, which means that the offer sent by Palmeiras, if concrete, will meet a value considered fair. this if flamingo He was interested in getting back the amount invested in the player. In contrast, the Palm trees to spend 20 million euros In only one athlete was seen somewhat strangely.

However, the football board Alverady He knew that he would undergo a budget cut. The desire to hire Pedro comes from the president Laila Pereirawhich intends to continue negotiations to obtainDouble“Oh flamingo. Desire for a striker is nothing new, as was requested by the coach Abel Ferreira.